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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mr. MacGregor's Garden. . .

Perhaps it's because I'm a child of the original Disney movie era. . .or my love of bunnies. . .or reading to children and making their stories come alive to bring them into the joy of reading; whatever. . . I fell head~over~heels in love with this bunny collection!!!

I must confess, Thumper, from Disney's movie Bambi, was my first Bunny Love. I had to have been eight or nine years old at the time, but I was smitten with him. His antics, laugh and smile captured my heart. I remember asking my parents for a real live bunny for my birthday that year. I got a quick, "No!"

Needless to say, five years ago, at a local TJ MAXX. . .I was mesmerised by this little fellow. My heart and head went right back to my childhood memories of Thumper. Only this little guy with his carrots and green overalls made me swoon! Without hesitation. . .I placed him in my cart. At $6.99, I felt I could splurge a bit that day!

Looking at him in my cart, the stories of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail came to mind from Beatrix Potter's  The Tales of Peter Rabbit in Mr.  MacGregor's Garden. My favorite children's book during Eater and Spring is The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. So, already, I was trying to figure out how I would display my newest treasure On Crooked Creek. . .when I turned the corner and saw this!!!

Now ladies, being married to a once farm boy, the mother of sons and the combination of my Bunny Love. . .I was nearly paralyzed at this vision. I gently lifted him up and was terrified when I saw his original price tag. Even TJ MAXX price was out of my price range! I was heart broken.

Rounding yet another corner, I found this adorable couple! Reminded me of the love that "Mr. Ed" and I share. Country Boy and the City Girl combination for sure. Price tag only $7.99!!! Could it be that I would be able to leave with two new Bunny Loves on the same day?

These two separate bunny statutes combined were less the the one larger statue. Still sorrowful that I couldn't bring him home, I settled for these two to add to my all white collection already residing On Crooked Creek.

Confused? No need, I'll explain!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to tell you all that I was able to return shortly and make the purchase of my coveted bunny. It would, I agree; however when I returned, all the bunny statutes were sold. Discouraged, I had resolved to enjoy the statutes I already had.

So~o~o. . .for many years it's just been these two wonderful statues that add to the whimsical enjoyment On Crooked Creek during the Easter and Spring celebrations. When they aren't on display they sit atop the shelves in my art Studio.

This past winter, when "Mr. Ed" and I were out doing our Antique Mall and Flea Market shopping. . . I spotted this treasured find from the showcase window as we were pulling into the parking lot. I, literally, used all the restraint I had NOT to bolt for the door of the store.
Can you even imagine my joy when I picked him up, no flaws, . . .turned him over. . .and saw the $14.99 price tag? ? ?

AND. . .when I reached the check-out counter, I learned that this vendor was giving 20% OFF everything in her booth that day. Bunny Love rang for a grand total of  $11.99!  All three statutes are now proudly displayed on the entry hall table!

In my newest Bunny Love statute's cabbage bowl are a set of insulators made into carrot place card holders that I purchased @ Country Bumpkins in Wichita, Kansas. I love the grooved texture and the yarn tops. Such a cute accessory !

The watering cans are part of a collection. Many years ago, I was ill and had several surgeries. My co~workers sent flowers to our home. Being in the Spring of the year, their bouquets came in the watering cans. In keeping with the Mr. MacGregor theme, are the addition of faux carrots. Faux Spring daffodils and primrose add a lightness with a soft yellow hue. Last year, I ordered the squares of faux moss from The Country House catalog. It fits nicely under the statutes and adds the greenness we are all craving after this past dreary winter.

When Bunny Love isn't donning his striking appearance at the front entry On Crooked Creek, he resides in the art Studio on the lower level. There he must keep a watchful eye over the basket of faux pink tulips.

Oh, I do hope you've enjoyed visiting On Crooked Creek today. I've enjoyed sharing my Bunny Love collection with you. Are there more bunnies you ask? Time will tell, dear ones. Time will tell!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Favorite Cupboard ? ? ?

On Crooked Creek is excited to join our sweet hostess Shelia @ Note Songs for her second Heart of the Home Party! This time her party request is to show a favorite cupboard in our kitchen.

Since moving On Crooked Creek I have been blessed with a built~in China Cabinet. This special cabinet changes twice annually with it's interior contents. The exterior shelf changes numerous times throughout the year. 

The addition of our kitchen wallpaper was added a few years ago. I wanted desperately to paint the cabinet similar to the treatment we had given the kitchen cabinets On Crooked Creek. "Mr. Ed" on the other hand, loves wood and loathes painting it. . .so, this was our compromise.

To view the painted kitchen cabinets On Crooked Creek in its entirety you can visit the first Heart of the Home Party  hosted by Shelia @ Note Songs by clicking on the listed link: .
Or by clicking on the kitchen photo on the sidebar just above ABOUT ME!
At the present time we are donning our Spring attire of my intense coffee and tea set collections in their soft pastel hues. Come Fall we will once again bring back our silver with all of its shine and sparkle!

China Cabinet Spring Decor. . .

. . .China Cabinet Fall Decor.

My various coffee and tea sets are a vast collection from our travels during our military career and those gifted by family and friends. With their delicate floral pastel hues, Spring is the perfect time of year for them to be showcased.

Left ~


~ Right.

My very favorite coffee set is from dearest friends. Pink roses were the flower of choice for our wedding and our friends knowingly chose this set to remind us of the love that "Mr. Ed" and I have for one another.

In the early years of our correspondence, my pen pals and I made a choice of gifting one another with birthday and seasonal gifts. This is an egg shaped Easter Tea Set from my Illinois pen pal. The pastel hues are similar to my coffee set, making this the tea set of choice to share the top shelf of the cabinet. In addition is my favorite heirloom tea cup and saucer from my dearly beloved Mother~in~law.

The middle shelf houses my collection of vintage pink depression glass Buttons and Bows and Fostoria. Tea cups without saucers fill in the void spaces with the addition of pattern and texture.

In keeping with a vintage glass theme, the right side of the cabinet showcases my singular blue glassware assortment. Fruit compote, bon bon compote and aqua marine depression glass sugar bowl; all heirlooms from my beloved MoMa and Mother~in~law. Again, heirloom tea cups and saucers add visual interest.

My continually growing vintage Homer Laughlin Epicure turquoise blue and cream china dinnerware is located on the bottom shelf for easy accessibility! This set is used frequently with Spring entertaining On Crooked Creek.

My final coffee set to be included with this china cabinet is Made in German Democratic Republic. I adore the addition of tulips along with the pink roses. What brought about this purchase was the shape of the pot and its being, authentic "Communist China".  "Mr. Ed" and I made this purchase in the later 1970's before the dismantle of The Berlin Wall.

The open display or counter top of this built~in China Cabinet changes more frequently than does the upper and lower cabinets.

A past Fall counter top display. . .

 Deck the Halls Party 2010. . .

 Let It Snow! . . .  On Crooked Creek

. . . a recent Spring counter top display.

An early Spring counter top display featuring my limited collection of Bordallo Pinheiro Portugal majolica dinnerware. My evolving collection currently consist of one dinner plate and four saucers. Quickly becoming a favorite On Crooked Creek, I am always on the hunt for more.

Behind the closed doors of the lower cabinet are the various Spring serving pieces!

The top shelf houses the additional Homer Laughlin collection, coffee and tea cups and saucers and my Christmas dessert and salad plates. White china and crystal glass individual bud vases, salt cellars, individual cupcake stands and a toast rack.

The bottom shelf holds larger crystal and vintage heirloom Spring serving bowls and trays, a punch bowl complete with cups and ladle, a set of stemware and crystal dinner bells.

The two drawers of this built~in are constantly put to work. The drawer on the left holds my napkins and napkin rings. The drawer on the right holds my seasonal towels. I switch out the towels on my oven door frequently. . .as you can see. . .this drawer is overflowing with lovely towels!


I hope you enjoyed yourself today On Crooked Creek as we peeked inside my favorite cupboard. I appreciate dear Shelia @ Note Songs for hosting this delightful Heart of the Home Party and hope you will visit other participants. Inspirations abound wherever blog land ladies gather.

Until next time. . .

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bunnies Abound!

Whew! Seems I just completed my Spring cleaning. . .and while I rid our home of dust bunnies~ these Bunnies Abound On Crooked Creek!!!

I adore bunnies!

Dear Ones,
Bunnies multiply continually On Crooked Creek.

This attached pair of bunnies (Goebel, W. Germany) was my first set from our travels in Europe. The white bunnies set the theme for the others that seem to arrive with each new season of Spring!

These little cream bunnies were a bargain find at Memories of Home Spring Open House a few years ago. Our Maurice, being born under the rabbit hutch, has many rabbit antics. Often she poses similar to that of the reclining rabbit.

Made of cast iron and purchased in Lebanon, Missouri @ Heartland Antique Mall during our Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring, these bunnies are my heaviest set. I chose to leave the jute bows tied around their necks adding to their charm and quaintness!

A Flea Market find,this darling stopped me fast in my tracks with his life~life eyes and his little pink nose. His pose capitivated my heart.

Stacked atop my favorite home decor resource books NELL HILL'S Decorating Secrets and NELL HILL'S Feather Your Nest by Mary Carol Garrity. . . and On Crooked Creek by yours truly, adds visual interest to this grouping. The addition of the green leaf plate holds the entertainment remotes for quick accessibility.

A concrete urn holds faux boxwood greenery and replaces the dark hued florals of the past season.

Lighter, brighter and set for Spring . . .
Bunnies Abound On Crooked Creek!

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