The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome To Our Patch!

Dear Ones,

It's KANSAS DAY 2012!!!
So~o~o to celebrate, I'm re~posting the Sunflower post from July 29, 2011!Hope you enjoy seeing these grown by The Master Gardener, "Mr. Ed"!
Have a wonderful and happy KANSAS DAY!


Welcome to our Sunflower Patch On Crooked Creek!

Dear Ones,
"Mr. Ed" and I were both born in "The Sunflower State". Since our retirement from active duty . . . every year . . . "Mr. Ed" has cultivated the soil within the perimeters of our garden and made a Sunflower Patch for me!!! 

I l o v e Sunflowers! 

The seed is hope,

                                                          the flower is joy!

In the garden, my soul is sunshine.

"Turn your face to the sun
                      and the shadows follow behind you."
~ Maori Proverb

He who plants a seed

 beneath the sod,

and waits to see,

believes in God.

Plant kindness. . .

                        gather love.

Plant smiles,

grow giggles,

harvest love.

He who plants a garden, plants happiness.

 Keeper of the garden.

Thank you for allowing "Mr. Ed" and I to share our
Sunflower Patch On Crooked Creek with you!

"Where flowers bloom, there is hope."
~Lady Bird Johnson

Until next time. . .
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