The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Blends!

Once the really cold temperatures arrive On Crooked Creek ~
it's time for Winter blends!

Winter blends!
Not only for the blending of decor accessories as shown here,

but in the change of our hot, steaming mugs of coffee, cocoas
and teas consumed with the chill in the weather!

Once I removed all of the Christmas decor
from the built~in china cabinet,
I began to think. . .
 what would "I" like to see in this space?
       How will "I" use this space in 2013?

When I purchased these vintage rose etched glasses,
I knew they would be something that I wanted to view everyday!

In my mind's eye,
this narrowly built space m u s t have been built
with stemware in mind.

The upper shelf
is the only shelf
with height to accommodate a dinner plate or serving tray.

Blending silver trays, a creamy ivory serving platter
and cut crystal glass seemed the proper mix of accessories.

The lowest shelf
will accommodate a small dinner plate, dessert / salad plates
cups, saucers and a host of other serving pieces.

Sweetly mixing my need for warm,
comforting blends of drink choices,
I chose this shelf for the over~size cups and saucers
from my everyday whites.

Winter blends!
Creamy ivory, crystal ~ be it cut or etched,
silver and white add a touch of calm during the storms of Winter.

Cranberry Orange Tea, Creme Brulee Coffee,
Double Mocha Cappuccino for "Mr. Ed"
and French Vanilla Cappuccino for me
are the blends that replace our regular Colombian Blend Coffee
during the Winter months On Crooked Creek.

Winter blends!
Traditional Winter blends.
Streamlined to bring tranquility.

On Crooked Creek
the weather forecasters are predicting snow!
A Wintery blend of snow and ice
with accumulations of 3 inches.
Come, let me serve you your choice of Winter blend ~
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow !

Until next time. . .

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Bell Tolls. . .

The bell tolls soon
       for the coming of a New Year!

A more streamlined look is in store
On Crooked Creek as we embrace our Traditional roots!

Since retiring in June 2012,
I've purged every cabinet, closet, drawer and shelf.

Our local Thrift Shop and Goodwill have been the
beneficiary of most of my editing attempts.

By eliminating the excess decor styles,
I have found a greater sense of calm in our home.

Keeping the heirlooms from our families hand ~ me ~ downs
keeps the memories alive and brings us tranquil comfort.

A sense of peace flows over my being
when I gaze upon similar Traditional decor
that was embedded upon me during my youth.

For me,
it is as if there is no longer any pretense.

Free, at last,
to embrace all that I am. . .
all that I was destined to become.

So ~o~o. . .
as the bells toll midnight
and 2013 comes into view,
I'll be embarking upon a new journey.

A journey from within
that will become an external reflection On Crooked Creek!

It is my hope that you will
"come experience the journey of life On Crooked Creek!"

Until next time. . .

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Tablescape + Left~overs!

I've been missing ~ in ~ action
due to a viral bug
that I apparently contacted on Christmas Eve.

that's why I'm just now getting around
to show you our Christmas Tablescape!

The even years are our years to host
Christmas On Crooked Creek!

Our decision to extend the table
was made when our son phoned to expand the Christmas Menu!

Using the Traditional centerpiece,
I brought in some sprigs of evergreen, holly and ivy,
and some red berries
to extend the center of our now oval table.

Single creamy ivory tapers
in my single silver candle holders
determine where the centerpiece ends.

At each place setting,
I sat my silver place card holders
with handmade place cards!
Individual white scalloped bud vases
hold a single "real" red rose and baby's breath.
A vintage etched rose glass served as our stemware.

Despite my son and "Mr. Ed's" objection,
I placed vintage damask white napkins at each setting.
(Just before serving,
I placed an elegant white paper napkin atop the cloth one!)

A special thank you to "Mr. Ed"
for taking these photos before we all sat down
for our Christmas On Crooked Creek Celebration!

Due to multiple allergies,
fresh flowers are seldom used On Crooked Creek!

This year I made the decision to use "real roses".
I was thrilled to find vibrant red roses
for a dollar over what one long stem rose normally cost!

keeping the one long stemmed rose in it's bud vase,
I grouped the four bud vases at the base to create
a left ~ over centerpiece!

Using my everyday white dinnerware as chargers,
I added my smaller sage green dinner plate to our settings.

Black scalloped place mats and runner 
provide a striking contrast for a table ~ for ~two.
Red napkins gathered in berry and leaf napkin rings
bring a cohesiveness by adding another pop of red!

The sage green of the dinnerware
compliments the green in the print of the place mat
as seen in this rim shot.

Another vintage rose etched glass .
The information on this recent purchase
will be seen in an upcoming post!

Just when you thought these roses had met their fate,
I used a new floral arranger
and have yet another floral centerpiece!

Feeling better day ~ by ~day,
I have all of the Christmas On Crooked Creek
down and packed away until Christmas 2013!

I want to wish all of you who follow
                On Crooked Creek
                                           a very Happy New Year!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Candelight Carol. . .

Words by John Rutter. . .

How do you capture the wind on the water?

How do you count all the stars in the sky?

How can you measure the love of a mother,
or how can you write down a baby's first cry?

Candlelight, angel light, firelight and starglow
shine on his cradle till breaking of dawn.

Gloria, Gloria in excelsis deo!

Angels are singing; the Christ child is born.

Shepherds and wisemen will kneel and adore him,

Seraphim round him their vigil will keep;

Nations proclaim him their Lord and their Savior,
but Mary will hold him and sing him to sleep.

Find him at Bethlehem laid in a manager;

Christ our Redeemer asleep in the hay.

Godhead incarnate and hope of salvation:
A child with his mother that first Christmas Day.

Candlelight, angel light, firelight and starglow
shine on his cradle till breaking of dawn.

Gloria, Gloria in excelsis deo!

Angels are singing; the Christ Child is born.

From On Crooked Creek ~
"Mr. Ed" and I wish each and everyone of you ~
a very Merry Christmas
and look forward to seeing you in 2013 !

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

. . .The Stockings Were Hung!

Oh, my goodness!!!
I just made my first e v e r Christmas Stockings. . .
and I am lovin' the way each one turned out!

This St. Nick Stocking pattern
is from page 42 and 43 of Better Homes and Gardens
Christmas All Through The House!

Each finished stocking measures
14 1/2 " X 7 1/2 " .

I cut the stockings from a ecru linen dishtowel
with red stripes purchased early in the Spring
at our local Antique Mall for less than $4 !

At the same Antique Mall,
during Thanksgiving weekend,
I found the hand crocheted lace for $1 each.

I hand stitched vintage,
creamy ivory buttons for accent 
then tied with red and gold ribbon.

Using another $1 doily
purchased during vacation at Heartland Antique Mall
in Lebanon, Mo., I completed stocking #3.

Then. . .
I had a dilemma!
Not enough crocheted lace to complete stocking #4.
A quick trip to our local Antique Shop Roadhouse Antiques
and now the stockings are complete!

NO mantle. NO problem!
The stockings were hung on the ladder with care. . .
one for "Mr. Ed", one for son, one for daughter~in~law
and one for me!

Until next time. . .