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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gray Trayscape. . .

While waiting for "Mr. Ed" 
to install the new vintage wrought iron brackets
to the refurbished wall shelf in Studio One. . .
I created a gray tablescape!

In the fall of 2012,
"Mr. Ed" made a large quantity of wooden boxes
for our Bits 'n Pieces booth. Most of the boxes
were unfinished, except this one which he painted gray.

I absolutely fell in l o v e 
with its shabby chic personality!!!
I was elated when it didn't $ell!!!

Re~organizing a cabinet in Studio One,
I found these wooden drawer knobs. . .
and decided they would add needed elevation to the box.

Once painted, "Mr. Ed" attached the knobs 
with short screws to the bottom of the box.

On Crooked Creek,
in Studio One. . .a tray was born!!!

The monogram aqua linen tea towel
is the perfect accessory to transform this 
from box to tray with elegance!
Amazingly, the creamy ivory hand crocheted doily
is trimmed with the exact same hue!
Both were recent local purchases from
Roadhouse Antiques!!!

Every day On Crooked Creek
I enjoy afternoon tea. 
So~o~o. . .
having a tray for tea in Studio One is a splendid idea!

A $3.00 garage $ale find,
this tiny teapot is the perfect size for Tea for One. . .
or Tea for two, should "Mr. Ed" decide to join me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * Tip * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To give the tea pot a greater presence in the tray,
I added a restaurant saucer. . .

 turned upside down for a riser!

Simply by elevating, the tea pot has a more stately appearance!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

One of the sparsest sets of my growing collections,
I brought down two dessert / salad plates.

I adore the complimentary hues beginning in this trayscape!

At the present time, 
I have one bread and butter plate.

Two matching saucers are added to the stack.**

Sadly, dear ones. . .
two saucers, but alas, no tea cups!!!

What is one to do without a proper tea cup for tea?

Steal  Er~r, borrow one from the guest room tray!!!

A vintage proper English tea cup from my heirloom collection!

"Mr. Ed" prefers to have his tea in a coffee mug.
For now, the one cup will suffice.

 This intricate candelabra was purchased
while on vacation last Autumn for $5.00!!!

It appears to be silver,
but it is e x t r e m e l y heavy!

The delicate embroidery on the cocktail  napkins
mimics the shape in the hand crocheted doily.

Ah~h~h. . .
so~o~o romantic is this gray trayscape in Studio One!

A serene, tranquil space for an afternoon break
in Studio One,
whether it's Tea for One. . .or Tea for Two!

Until next time. . .

** FYI **
Dear Ones,
Blogging Ladies have the kindest hearts in the entire 
networking of our technological society!!!

You see, those precious Aqua and Creamy Ivory saucers 
have quite an interesting story that I'd love to share with you. . .
Indulge me, please? 

Only in the Land of Blog 
could something this miraculous happen!!!

January 11, 2011. . . I posted Haste Makes Waste about a mistake I had made in setting the table. 
Little did I know the turn of events this post
would take in the Land of Blog!!!

Many of you may know my dear Blogging Friend, Dotsie
and her Blog titled Podso. . .
she is the marveling reason I have two saucers!!!

Dotsie...through a friend, of a friend, of a friend's mother 
was gifted with one of the above saucers. Seems the friend
somehow, through a comment or a link stumbled upon my
Haste Makes Waste post and sent a saucer to Dotsie!

Dotsie, after going back through the comments, 
found two blog post that same week featuring my dishes.
She then e~mailed me for my address with the story
of the saucers complete entangling details 
and later mailed them to me here On Crooked Creek!

Thank you, dear Dotsie, for taking the time
to track down the blog and for sending me the 
Gold Crown saucers from Alliance, Ohio 
to enhance my collection!!! 
* *

. . . And, thank you, dear ones for indulging in my
explanation of why I have two saucers!!!
Oh,. . .and yes. . .I'm always on the hunt 
for more pieces to extend my collection of
both my Homer Laughlin and the Gold Crown sets!!! 

Homer Laughlin Turquoise Epicenter . . .

and . . . Gold Crown of Alliance, Ohio!

Wish me continued luck with the hunt!

In the meantime. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining

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