The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Room At The Inn. . .

On Crooked Creek is joining Between Naps On The Porch , with our lovely hostess Susan for Metamorphosis Monday. Be sure to drop in for a visit and see all the lovely makeover ideas in home decor.

Seems every year when we return home from vacation we have a MAJOR occurrence On Crooked Creek! In 2009, we had to have a new sewer put in. .. un~huh MAJOR !
This October. . . a new roof. See MAJOR occurrence! One thing I learned this year. . .
I'm getting too old to work with contractors, foremen, and construction workers.

Last year, when they dug out the sewer line On Crooked Creek, guess where they found the break in the line? ? ? You guessed correctly if you said, "At the base of the foundation to the house." The entire backyard was a disaster!

What happened to my herb garden? ? ?

Where did the patio go? ? ?

Nearing completion on the back of the house. . .

. . . Nearing completion on the East Wing!

Good thing I (usually) have a positive attitude! I always try to see the silver lining in all our trials. But, dear ones, I found myself being pretty assertive with those contractors! All that having been stated. . .I'm ready to move on to the rainbow at the end of the storm!

As stated above, I always try to see the silver lining in every situation that happens along my daily journey. This 'silver lining' comes from a leak in the ceiling in the guest room. In Southeast Kansas named the Blue Room; On Crooked Creek it is called The Heritage Room.

Finally . . . the yellow stain is gone!

The ceiling leak was difficult to spot from the doorway. Once you entered the room you could see the stain left from the rain and hail damage to the roof. Not so little! Here you can see the shinier white wet paint where the repair was made.

My very own Michelangelo!

 Dear Ones, I have the most wonderful husband . . . while all this construction was going on, "Mr. Ed"  said, " Go pick out some paint and I'll paint the Heritage Room." Am I the luckiest wife or what? So, off I went to Sherwin~Williams and chose a newer shade SW 7601 Dockside Blue.

Before. . .

. . .After!

While we had the room cleared of all  the furniture except the bed, I decided it was time for a rearrange. I'd been wanting to bring my Mother's Aunts antique cherry desk up from the basement for quite a while and now seemed to be the perfect time.

Aunt Bunce purchased this cherry desk post World War II. She used coal in her home for heating and cooking. The finish was in terrible condition when Moma passed this on to us in 1985. "Mr. Ed" loves working with wood and he beautifully restored the desk! The chair was purchased from the shop where I'm employed part~time @ Bittersweet! I was smitten with it's raise wood carving, needlepoint seat, and curved legs! ! !

In order to make room for the desk, the furniture was reconfigured to accommodate the two pieces. The room measures 10 feet~by~10 1/2 feet. The offset of six inches is in an alcove containing bi~fold doors for the double closet!

My theme song for home decor could be, "I won't sew, don't ask me!" But. . .when I received an estimate of $225.60 for lined Roman Shades. . .

. . .and $591.06 for lined draperies, I forced myself to get out my sewing machine, purchased similar fabric and lining, and made draperies! Their estimated total . . . $816.66 versus my actual total $103.89!

Previously On Crooked Creek, the bed had been positioned in front of the double window. I adored how it fit perfectly under the window and the symmetry of the decor. It just wasn't possible to return to the previous position with the addition of the desk and chair.

 Now, this is the view as you enter The Heritage Room from the East Wing of our home.

I have a dear friend who visits and she will affirm that I bring coffee to her room on that tray in the morning. On occasion, we've been known to share tea and conversation during her stay.

Moulin De La Galette

The Swing

Directly above the antique Jenny Lind Bed are two new finds from our Annual Trout Fishing Trip. The Renior reproductions were purchased at one of the Antique Shops I frequent in Lebanon, Missouri. The sisters @ Time After Time are such a breath of fresh air. Double matted and in beaded walnut frames, complete with hanging hardware, @ $30.00 for the pair!

My favorite reading materials for your relaxation.

The desk staged for guests!

Adorable rabbits. . .just to make you smile!

Nestled above the desk are mementos of the past. The Avon Collectable June Bride commemerates our pink and white wedding. The angel gently plays Brahams Lullaby as she watches over all who rest. A 25th Wedding Anniversary miniature pitcher and a silver framed print, The Resolutions of Respect In Memory of Carmen, my mother. 

Grandma Sue and her daughters. . .
Carmen, my Moma, the oldest
Aunt Dorothy,  the middle child
and Aunt Jeanie, the youngest.
Being the youngest of three adopted children, I'm sure I was possibly the greatest challenge my mother faced. These four women greatly influenced my life to bring it to its fullness and helped me to obtain the achievements that I've been able to accomplish on my journey. Grandma Sue, owned and operated a restaurant during The Great Depression. My mother, Carmen, worked @ Boeing during World War II. Instead of 'Rosie~the ~Riveter' she was known to her co~workers as 'Tillie~the~Toiler'. She never tired of the task before her! Later she became a beautician . She owned and operated Carmen's Beauty Shop. Aunt Dorothy taught in the Big Spring,Texas school districts and obtained her PhD in Special Education. Aunt Jeanie (Norma Jean) was Head Cook overseeing all schools in Garden Grove, California.

Eggshell GEORGIAN Homer Laughlin
F15N4 Made in U.S.A.

Close up view before hanging.

One of my many passions is plate collecting. . .these three were purchased locally in a Shabby Chic shop @ Antiques & Uniques. With the new room arrangement, they are viewed upon retiring and rising.

 Can you believe this Garage Sale find? ? ?  This two~tier dumb waiter now houses my Willow Tree Collection! There is an empty spot, as I use my cloche to showcase a piece of my collection from time~to~time. All have been gifts from friends over the past eight years. A rose petal cut from a sea shell and the print are gifts from my Illinois penpal.

Lamp Off . . .

. . . Lamp On.

Blue vintage glass lamp and glass shade purchased locally @ Roadhouse Antiques. This is a very heavy piece! When lit, it gives of a soft alluring glow in the room. Breathtaking!

Christening gown. . .
Edwin 1915.

Baby dress. . .
Carmen 1916.

Our daughter~in~law, Johnna, helped me frame the christening gown and baby dress belonging to our parents. Shadow box frames from Michael's allow veiwing in a 3~D effect.

For your conviencence,
lamp, book titled,
Girlfriends. . .
A Bond between girlfriends
is unbreakable,
and chocolate! 

Carmen's graduation photo. . .
Class of 1935,
my wedding bible,
Robert Frost poetry
and baby shoes.
The basket holds thread and needles. 

This walnut bedside table once belonged to my Grandma Sue. Badly in need of repairs, our son, Bill took this as his shop project his Sophomore year in High School Shop Class.


 A weathered milking stool fits nicely at the other side of the bed. Another great find @ Bittersweet! In the course of change, some things are compromised. This is the 10 foot side of the room. The difference of six inches would have allowed for another accent table. Atop the milking stool is the novel, The Messenger of Magnolia Street, by River Jordan. Large print for easier 'night~time' reading.

One final look around as you leave. Thank you for stopping by. . . notice the sun is always shining brightest after the storm has passed? That's the way it appears On Crooked Creek!
I have a stained glass blessing for you to take as you prepare to leave on the next realm of your journey. . .

bless you and keep you;
the Lord make His face to shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn His face toward you
and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24 ~26

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween On Crooked Creek?

To say we DON'T DO Halloween wouldn't be truthful.
Our idea of Trick~Or~Treat is a bowl of candy plopped on the little stool by the door. Porch light on so you can see your way to the front door! Not much in the way of decorating, huh?
I'm joining our hostess, Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Please be sure to stop by and see all the lovely tablescapes the ladies have decorated just for your viewing pleasure!

Several years ago, On Crooked Creek, my friend from my middle school para educator days gifted me with the cutest little pumpkin dessert plates. Our year to host Thanksgiving at our home, these little pumpkin plates were  perfect for enhancing our homemade pies!

After returning from our Annual Trout Fishing Trip this October, I set them on the table for salad plates. Turning my place mats over to the brighter orange floral side enhances the richness of the plate color.

I found a few treasures while we were vacationing and wanted to try them on the table. I couldn't leave this pumpkin and leaf creamer and sugar on the shelf at Tuesday Morning in Osage Beach. I purchased the caramel hued leaf candle from my favorite Lebanon store, Traditions!

I spotted this dip and spreader bowl at the Heartland Antique Mall in Lebanon, Missouri. "Mr. Ed" and I will enjoy our favorite Halloween evening snack (Candy Corn and Cashews) from this cute bowl!

Yes, Halloween isn't dark or scary On Crooked Creek. Our Halloween traditions consist of an individual helping of Crunchy, Munchy Chili . . .bowl of candy by the door. . .front porch light turned on. . . snack of Candy Corn and Cashews and reading or watching TV while we wait to see our neighborhood children in costume.

Stop in for a spell. . .
We'll leave the porch light lit just for you On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wait Is Over . . .

Welcome to On Crooked Creek! Today, I'll be joining our lovely hostess, Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday. Please be sure to stop over and enjoy all the lovely make-over post for this weeks event. Inspiring ideas await you for use in your own home.

Back in September On Crooked Creek joined it's first ever Tabletop Tuesday hosted by Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life with my post of Autumn Hues On Tabletops. . . only showing the bottom half of the built~in china hutch. I promised to allow you to see the cabinet in its entirety on another post.

The wait is over. . .

Here's the built~on~site dark walnut cabinet On Crooked Creek that adjoins the dining and living areas together. Bridging the void from the dining~to~living space it was quite a dilema "to paint or not to paint"? "Mr. Ed's" NOT TO PAINT won this round with a bit of coaxing to update the apperance by applying wallpaper to the backing of the shelves!

Already brighter and lighter!

While the countertop of this china hutch cabinet On Crooked Creek is changed out frequently the same is not true for the top! Displaying my cherished collectables and heirlooms, I switch out the contents twice annually; creating a Spring and Fall look.

Spring showcases my extensive Coffee and Tea Set collections combined with some of my decorative Spring dishes.

Fall arrangements showcase our heirlooom crystal and silver collections. Before arriving On Crooked Creek, our silver and crystal were stored out~of~sight in the base of my inherited buffett. Never used ~ never viewed ~ never enjoyed!

A treasured Christmas Past gift from "Mr. Ed".
Two years ago, "Mr. Ed" surprised me with my own copy of Nell Hill's Feather Your Nest It's all in the Details by Mary Carol Garrity! ! ! The inspiration to get that silver out of storage and on the shelves came from pages 74 and 75 of Mary Carol's book. Jean and Denny Lowe used a similar display idea in there 1950's Ranch Style home on a wooded lot by a creek.

Page 75 of Feather Your Nest.

Page 74 of Feather Your Nest.

A top to bottom view. . . 
Left view of  Top Shelf. . .

. . .Right view of Top Shelf.

Left view of Middle Shelf. . .

. . .Right view of Middle Shelf.

Left view of Bottom Shelf. . .

. . .Right view of Bottom Shelf.

Mary Carol's Style. . .

On Crooked Creek Style. . .

Mary Carol Style. . .

On Crooked Creek Style. . .

Shelf ~ by ~ Shelf. . .

from Left. . .

. . .to Right.

From this. . .

To this. . .

Season ~ to ~ Season. . .

As our lives On Crooked Creek begin to get more hurried with the quickly approaching holiday season, it truly is a blessing to check one more seasonal change off my to~do list.

We'll revisit this cabinet again, come Spring.
One thing remains true On Crooked Creek. . .
Seasons change ~ and so do I.

I'm also joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for this week's Table Top Tuesday! Come on over and see all the inspirational tabletops for you to enjoy!

Until next time. . .