The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark Twain House Bark!

 On Crooked Creek's color of choice is . . .
                                                                   Mark Twain House Bark!

The Completed Look . . . Day 15!

New trim color of Almond Oil accents the windows and doors!

New hue. . .Almond Oil vs the past hue of Almond Paste!

"Mr. Ed" did all the painting ~ by himself!
I offered to help.
His reply was," I don't like the way you paint!"

"Really?", I replied.
His response, "You paint everything black or white!"
I must admit. . .he' s correct.

The East Side of our home. . .Day 5!

South Side (Garage Side) . . .Day 7!

North Side of our home. . .Day 8!

The back of our home freshly painted. . .Day 10!

Since he had 31 days to complete the job,
I didn't allow "Mr. Ed" to paint on the weekends!

The West Side with the deck. . .Day 10!

Not only did he complete all the painting
and the trim painting around the doors and windows;
he also replaced all the screens to the 10 windows in the house!

Even the Garden Shed,
On Crooked Creek, received a new coat of paint!

The Garden Shed. . .Day 13!

What a m a n!

All the exterior work
                  On Crooked Creek
                                                                 was completed on Day 15!

. . . and since I wasn't allowed to aid in the actual painting . . .
                                       I photographed the amazing transformation!

On Crooked Creek ~
                          Here's the b e f o r e . . .

and the a f t e r. . .

We r e a l l y like the way it looks!

Until next time. . .

Monday, May 28, 2012

Table for Four, Please!

Most every evening On Crooked Creek, the table is set for two.
But tonight. . .it's a table for four, please!

We'll be joined by our son and daughter ~in~law as we commemorate the first cook ~out of the Season!

On Crooked Creek, we seldom use paper plates.
However, for cook~outs we use our blue and white enamel ware.
Durable and practical. . .and pleasing to the eye!

I've paired our silver rimmed, blue and white enamel ware plates with a cream hued floral place mat. The red florals bring the needed element for our Memorial Day Patriotic theme .
For a pleasing background, I chose a white eyelet tablecloth.

Matching napkins, held with a leaf and cream hue napkin ring, rest atop the dinner plate.

Our everyday beaded flatware nicely accompanies the rimmed dinner plate. The addition of our clear bubble stemware completes this place setting.

Our weather is a bit warmer than usual for our first annual cook~out, so we opted to eat indoors this evening. Using only natural lighting, you can see how brightly lit the dining room is!!!

Borrowed from the front porch is this simple centerpiece of soft buttery yellow primrose.

The only other addition to this tablescape is the hand painted,  Sunflower salt  and pepper shakers. The food will be served buffet style from the galley kitchen.

Memorial Day,
                  our first annual cook ~ out of the Season,
                                                                        On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, May 27, 2012

FIRST Annual Cook~Out 2012!

Hip ~ Hip ~ Hooray!!!
The long wait for our first annual cook ~ out of the Season
On Crooked Creek is finally over!!!

With g r e a t anticipation,  "Mr. Ed" and I, prepare for our first annual cook~out! Due to dietary restrictions. . .hot dogs aren't often allowed. We do indulge for Memorial Day, Father's Day and the Fourth of July!

I get one more hot dog  @ our Annual JOY Circle cook~out!!!

So~o~o. . .
Here's What's On The Menu
                                   for the FIRST Annual Cook ~Out 2012!

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Potato Salad
Deviled Eggs
Baked Beans
Iced Tea & Pink Lemonade

Chocolate Pudding Cups
w/ Whipped Cream
Sugar Cookies
Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

These Amish Sugar Cookies are the best sugar cookies e v e r !

Amish Sugar Cookies

Mix the first four ingredients:

1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup margarine (softened)
1/2 cup cooking oil

Using a hand mixer, blend all ingredients to a smooth consistency.

1 egg

Add the last four ingredients:

2 1/4 cups all~purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla flavoring ( add last)

Drop by spoonfuls.
Bake in a 375 degree oven for 10 to 12 minutes.

Makes 2 1/2 dozen

On Crooked Creek,
we're joined by our son and daughter ~in ~law.
Therefore, I've set our dining room table for four this evening!

It was, truly, an amazing evening!
The food. . .
                the company. . .
                                       and the promise of more cook~outs to come!

The Left~Overs!

Until next time. . .
On Crooked Creek is joining our sweet hostess, Yvonne @ StoneGable for On The Menu Monday! Be sure to visit and find all the fixin's for some wonderful menu selections and recipes for your family!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Showing Off Our Green. . .

As change continues On Crooked Creek. . . 
we're showing off our green. . .green dishware, that is!

I dearly love my limited collection of majolica dishware!
. . . and I purchase  it  e v e r y w h e r e 
I can find it when out ~ and ~ about!

My latest find are these three ~ leaf,
soft sage Made in Portugal Franciscan dinner plates!

I can not tell you of the times I ate sliced peaches from these swirl green depression dessert bowls at the "Family Farm".  Generous slices of Angel Food cake were served on the dessert plates!

 The green depression batter bowl was a "hidden surprise"! Found among old restaurant glasses in the back of a cupboard. Whether it was for lack of use or for safe keeping...we'll never know.

To keep the hues from becoming overbearing, I added some creamy ivory and brown to the mixture in this built~in china cabinet! "Mr. Ed" adores this lidded tureen. In the Fall, I often serve bean soup laddeled into the individual lidded bowls.

A perfect spot for my adorable majolica Tea Set! In the background is a one ~ of ~ a ~ kind majolica leaf platter!

What a treasured find are these hand~painted bee hive salt & pepper shakers Made in Japan! With hand~painted Sunflowers. . .and you all know how I l o v e Sunflowers!!!

Showing off our green continues On Crooked Creek. . .
premiering soon. . .
the vignette on the buffet top beneath the built ~ in china cabinet!

Until next time. . .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Supporting Roles. . .

On Crooked Creek ~ 
                                                           change is constant!

Sometimes the changes are so subtle,
                     that it takes a very close look to see what has changed!

Take for instance, this vignette didn't change.
Notice though ~ the background items have been replaced to reflect similar hues to the La Poire Tablescape!

Simply by changing out the vase of roses and the table topper ~
I've managed to restore a balance of harmony amongst the hues in my Frenchy Farmhouse Style dining room.

The addition of a crackled set of la poire  ~
with an easeled la poire vintage print creates a cohesiveness along the buffet!

Visual proof that supporting roles
                                          play a vital role in any interior design!

Until next time. . .