The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Children's Garden. . .

In preparation for an upcoming Garden Tour Tea,
"Mr. Ed" and I have been completing some
forgotten projects and beginning some new ones
here On Crooked Creek.

Before. . .

Recently completed, The Children's Garden
is the view from my Northernmost windows.

It began with cutting out overgrown shrubbery
when we arrived, nearly 11 years ago,
and has been an on~going project ever since.

. . .After!

This is the view of The Children's Garden
On Crooked Creek since its completion!

This past week,
"Mr. Ed" installed the concrete block edgers
to contain and showcase all the plantings!

The Children's Garden!

As you can clearly see, 
bald spots are still evidence of two years of drought. 

This rambling climber rose bush is original.
The addition of a new trellis, purchased at the end of the season,
adds stability and has aged nicely 
to harmoniously blend with the fence.

The "Man in the Tree",
was a past Father's Day gift to "Mr. Ed" .
He resides on a Cottonwood Tree at the far West edge
and keeps careful watch over The Children's Garden.

While clearing his garage of unwanted items,
this deteriorating two~step ladder of my father's,
joins us On Crooked Creek and now resides 
at the base of the tree. 

Under the care of "Mr. Ed",
the irises have flourished and spread 
to nicely fill the West side of The Children's Garden.

Continuing along to the East side ,
are the Mother's Day Rose bushes gifted from our children,
thus giving this Garden its chosen name.

Petite Red Tea Rose.

Pink Tea Rose. . .
now has turned to a
Soft Buttery Yellow Tea Rose.

Double Fuchsia Pink Knock Out Rose.

Pink Knock Out Rose.

The bird house is original On Crooked Creek,
but was moved to The Children's Garden
when the interior fence separating our yard was removed.

The Children's Garden.

The Children's Garden is one of  six
featured On Crooked Creek's Garden Tour Tea.

I do hope you'll return soon
and join us as we continue our Garden Tea Tour. . .
On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .

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