The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feed The Birds. . .

Whether you're a faithful follower ~
                 or new to On Crooked Creek ~
you only have to open this blog to know that . . .
          I  L O V E Sunflowers!!!

Here On Crooked Creek ~
"Mr. Ed" grows Sunflowers every year just for me. . .
                                                                          and to feed the birds! ! !

Lovely, petite, Lemon Ice variety ~

                                Vivid, Russian Red variety ~

                                                    and, traditional, Giant Yellow variety! ! !

Each bud brings about an air of anticipation!

Especially ~
when the volunteer seeds begin to sprout ~

step ~

by ~

step  !

Sunflowers ~
              planted not by "Mr. Ed" ~
                             but rather by the birds that eat from our feeders
                                             On Crooked Creek!

Singly ~

in pairs ~

or trilogies ! ! !


Regardless of their origin. . .
                                   all become a source to
                                                                        feed the birds !

Awaiting the day of transformation from flower ~ to ~ feed,
a giant Sunflower head dries in the sweltering triple digit
temperatures on a heirloom tractor seat !

Feeding the birds ~
        brings "Mr. Ed" and I beautiful Sunflowers ~
                                                          here On Crooked Creek ! ! !
Until next time. . .

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