The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Through The Garden Gate. . .

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
for they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls blossom.
                                                                  ~Marcel Proust

The Brunch Bunch Ladies June 2013. . .
Brooke, Julie, Barbara, Chantelle
Pat and Linda!

This past week, On Crooked Creek,
"Mr. Ed" and I had the privilege to host 
A Garden Tour Tea for a group of Christian Ladies
I affectionately refer to as, The Brunch Bunch!!!

As we enter Through The Garden Gate,
we'll tour six Gardens On Crooked Creek!

The first Garden we toured, still a work in progress,
is not photo worthy at the present time.
"Mr. Ed" and I have named this The Container Garden.
It's Southern exposure will surely make this Garden 
a challenge of planting materials and containers.

Next up, is The Heirloom Garden.
Most of the plantings in this Garden 
are original to the property. . .inherited! 

A broken handled wheelbarrow filled with ground cover.

Hibiscus bushes in a soft, pale pink.
In past years, 
the blossoms have been the size of a dinner plate!

Our addition to The Heirloom Garden
are Shasta Daisies and Purple Cone Flower
that manage to thrive in the dry, arid climate
here on the Prairie.

I was just telling The Brunch Bunch 
not to be startled if something darted about their feet.

No more had the words left my mouth,
when 'Pee Wee' darted out from The Heirloom Garden
and scurried under the Garden Shed for protection!

The vintage ladder and decorative Garden Hose Wreath
will be joined with a Potting Bench. . .another work in progress!

My favorite Garden, On Crooked Creek, 
is The Sunflower Patch!!!

Since our arrival, "Mr. Ed" has grown Sunflowers. . .just for me!!! 
I  L O V E Sunflowers!!!
Over the past two years, since retiring,
"Mr. Ed" now dries the Sunflower heads, saving the seeds
for the next years plantings!!! 

All the photos of Sunflowers on my sidebar
are grown On Crooked Creek!!!

The most often photographed, most often visited,
favorite spot in the Gardens On Crooked Creek
is The Herb Garden!

My herbs are grown for a variety of reasons. . .
Artistry. . .
Nothing is as eye~catching as the Bouquet Dill as it blossoms!
Color and Fragrance. . .
Lavendar's purple hue and heady aroma enhance the tranquility
of my journey On Crooked Creek.
But, the primary reason I grow herbs. . .
is for enhancing flavors in my recipes!!!

I was thrilled to see The Brunch Bunch Ladies
enthusiasm over the different artistry, colors and fragrances.
Delightful and inquiring questions about uses for each herb
always give me a chance to share my personal choices!

The first of the Gardens in full bloom each year
is The Children's Garden!

The name is taken from our sons' toddler wagon 
and childhood bicycle and from Rose bushes 
gifted from our son and daughter~in~law.

Original to The Children's Garden
are the irises and the climbing rambler Rose bush.

The most controversial conversations
stemmed from the Bicycle Basket Planter 
and the Shabby Chic Wagon!

One final stop on A Garden Tour Tea. . .
The Fairy Garden!

Began as a delicate, petite garden
for me to 'spread my wings' and experiment with flower gardening.

Autumn sedum, soft buttery yellow yarrow,
lemon yellow snapdragons and grown from seed purple salvia!

The two fairies capture both sides of my personality.
The carefree imp , seen more since my retirement,
and the tentative listener with my sympathizing ear.

I loved sharing The Fairy Garden
with all my experimentation and flower selections!

The fairies brought smiles to The Brunch Bunch Ladies!

Dear one, from a distance,
someone is keeping a close watch on your activities.

While The Brunch Bunch Ladies 
rested and had a cool refreshment. . .
I excused myself to begin our luncheon.

An amazing day for A Garden Tour Tea On Crooked Creek!
I am continually blessed by each and every one
of these Christian Ladies!!!

Come back soon and my friend, 
Julie, and I will share with you 
my simplistic Garden tablescape and menu!!!

Until next time. . .

* * * * * * * A Special Thank~You * * * * * * *

to my amazing husband, "Mr. Ed". . .
without whom none of this would have been possible!
Returning the day before from a friend's party,
I was met with the most meticulous attended lawn
in preparation for A Garden Tour Tea!

The day of the tour,
"Mr. Ed" was grill chef, photographer
and kitchen orderly. . . I am so very blessed!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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