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with His gentle Joy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Freshening up for Fall

As Mother Nature orchestrates the external change of each season, the internal seasonal changes On Crooked Creek are orchestrated by yours truly with the aid of "Mr. Ed". Leaving our Country Decor behind along with the "dream home" in South East Kansas, we are now fully grounded in a relaxed Traditional Style. We enjoy an eclectic mix of Old World Style, and dabble in French Country, to blend harmoniously with our heirloom treasures.

What began as a scheduled maintenance On Crooked Creek, interrupted by a night in the ER, has finally come to completion. Our latter 1970's ranch style home with its L ~ shaped living / dining room combination does present us with its challenges in deciding on paint colors. The dining room flows into the galley kitchen ~ much like a wraparound porch on a Grand Lady Victorian Home!

Previously, we chose Rutabaga 8189 flat finish from the Martha Stewart Signature Collection at Sherwin Williams. I loved the golden warmth it gave us during three seasons of the year. . . not so much in the heat of a Kansas summer! In keeping with our decor and color palette, we recently chose Cupola Yellow SW 7692 another Sherwin Williams shade in a satin finish to "freshen up for fall". Ed can't decide if it's Olive Drab Green or Khaki undertones (comes from his twenty~two year Army career vocabulary) in this shade are what he likes best. I definitely see green and have changed out many of the accessories to complement the new color. I'll save that for a future post.
Until next time. . .
"Mr. Ed" & Maurice. . .who's the boss? Guess? ? ?
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