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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freshening up for Fall: Part II

Once a home project begins, there are always unexpected surprises along the way. "Mr. Ed" and I were in the process of preparing for our 4 X 4 Dinner Group to be hosted On Crooked Creek when a gallery photo shelf came crashing down on my toes. Of course, it was the top shelf and took the other two with them breaking picture frames and putting a large hole in the wall. Ed made a minor repair in the wall and did some "touch up" painting to suffice until we could entertain our dinner guest. We had such a lovely evening with our Church "Family"!

Our group had 5 couples which made
seating somewhat of a challenge in our
small Ranch Style home. . . adding a card
table in the living room was a workable plan.

In the background you can catch a glimpse of our Galley Kitchen.
We mixed up the Sage Green and White dinner and salad plates to
extend both sets to serve ten guests nicely. We also kept the floral
arrangements the same, changing only the scale, at each table.

As do many of you. . .we lead a busy life On Crooked Creek, but were able to pick out a new color for the upcoming painting of the two hallways, living/dining room combination. Ed began those the end of June and the plan was to finish up over the Fourth of July weekend. Having said that, "Mr. Ed" hit his head on a cabinet in the laundry room and ended up spending a night in the ER. Five staples and weeks of procrastination later the painting is now complete, cured and a lovely sight to behold!     

Freshly painted wall using Cupola Yellow SW 7692 Satin Finish.

Martha Stewart Signature Collection
Rutabaga 8189 from Sherwin Williams.

I brought in two floral pillows and added a Sage Green throw.
The addition of a pediment above the trilogy photos was
welcoming to the stateliness of the living room!
The new paint color has a softer glow and enriches
our heirlooms bringing our eclectic mix into a more perfect union.

Labor Day weekend , we'll be assisting Mother Nature with some updating and addition of Fall accessories "out~of~doors" On Crooked Creek.
Until next time. . .     
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