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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas On Crooked Creek!

Dear Ones, Christmas On Crooked  Creek has presented us with a few challenges this year. But the one that had become a real dilemma for me was our hearth. On Crooked Creek came with a fireplace in the lower level family room. . .but no mantle. So~o~o. . .I attempt to decorate the hearth!

In keeping with a lodge theme and an eclectic mix of furnishings, "Mr. Ed" feels that this is his domain. An avid Trout Fly Fisherman and Deer Hunter, I try to incorporate many of his personal tastes in the decor of this room. With the rise of recent showings of deer sheds in home decor, I knew I had to use them On Crooked Creek this Christmas!

Beginning the Christmas decorating, I always start with the table. Once that is completed, the rest just falls into place. Usually. Most of the time.

Next comes the Christmas tree complete with all its trimmings.

Followed by the vignettes I create on the tabletops!

Add candle light for ambiance.

But. . .when I got to the hearth. . .I either ran out of creativity or inspiration. All I could come up with was this!

The hearth On Crooked Creek looked like I'd just turned the boxes over and dumped them out! NOT what I had envisioned at all!

 My dear blog friend, Pat @ Back Porch Musings, posted a lovely Christmas Table for Two showing a lantern and deer sheds! Click here to view Pat's lovely In The Lodge post and see for yourselves what an elegant design talent she has! Thank you Pat for all your inspiration!

So~o~o. . .being all inspired, I tweaked the hearth .

Now for some ambient lighting. . .

Our Christmas On Crooked Creek seems to be shaping up quite nicely this year. Thank you to all of my new found blog friends for all your help and inspiration through your posts!

As our son and daughter~in~law come down the stairs, this is the sight they will see first!
Ah~h~h. . .

                  Christmas On Crooked Creek

Until next time. . .
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