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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lightening Up For Spring!

Lightening up for Spring continues with the built~in china cabinet On Crooked Creek.

Streams of sunlight warm and brighten the dining area allowing for a timely decor change.

Before . . .

Fall and Spring are the two main seasons of change On Crooked Creek. Silver makes its shining appearance early in the Fall to aid in the reflection of light as the days shorten.

. . . After

Pastel hued floral china coffee and tea sets arrive early in the Spring . As our days begin to lengthen, we find On Crooked Creek our entertaining, once again, begins after winters solstice.

This year as I began to "work my magic" with my extensive coffee and tea set displays, I added several dessert and decorative plates behind the collections to soften and lighten the interior of the cabinet.

A gift from dearest of friends, this soft white with delicate pink roses is my favorite coffee set. I placed two dessert plates behind to help camouflage the wall paper. Stacked high are the remainder of the dessert plates and saucers, serving as risers to heighten the stacked cups,adding visual interest. My Mother~in~laws hand embroidered cocktail (tea) napkin repeats the colors and softens the hard edges of the wood shelving. A soft spray of faux
roses and vines fills in the dark corners with Spring florals. 

This Easter tea set, another gift, is from my Illinois pen pal. It rests on an egg shaped tray. The tea pot, creamer and sugar all have egg shapes and share the same color palette as the coffee set. I used reticulated, decorative, cream, I. Godinger and Co. salad plates to showcase this adorable tea set. By using the same napkin and Spring florals, a continual flow follows across the entirety of the upper shelf.

Because the center shelf doesn't have the same height clearance, it won't allow for a plate background or a coffee pot. Not a problem! I accept this challenge as an opportunity to showcase some of my acquired vintage glassware. Pink depression era ~ Buttons and Bows ~ pitcher, sugar and creamer combined with a pink Fostoria creamer.

Odds and ends, of sorts, of blue vintage glassware. Fruit compote, bon bon compote and a lonely depression glass sugar bowl. This shelf also displays the various tea cups from my heirloom collection. A harmonious blending of styles from both my Mother and Mother~in~law.

The lower shelf is the perfect place to display my continually growing  Turquoise Blue and cream Homer Laughlin Epicure China. Dinner plates, bowls, cups and saucers, sugar bowl ~ all of which will be used soon and frequently On Crooked Creek.

The final coffee set displayed is one Made in German Democratic Republic. White decorative vintage plates are the perfect size for my two and three tier plate racks. The proximity of  these items allows for quick access for Spring entertaining On Crooked Creek.

Behind the closed doors of the lower cabinets are all the other various Spring serving pieces!

The top shelf houses the extra pieces of my Homer Laughlin collection, coffee and tea cups and saucers to the above sets. . . and finally my Christmas dessert plates. White china and crystal glass individual floral vases, salt cellars, individual cup cake stands and a toast rack.

The bottom shelf  holds larger crystal and vintage heirloom Spring serving bowls and trays, a punch bowl complete with cups and ladle, a set of stemware and crystal dinner bells.

The two drawers above these doors contain cloth napkins and napkin rings ( on the left) ~ decorative seasonal linen dish cloths (on the right).

Fall  ~  to  ~  Spring . . . 

Silver  ~  to  ~  China. . .

One thing remains the same On Crooked Creek. . .

Seasons change . . . and so do I!

On Crooked Creek is joining our gracious hostess Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday. Be sure to stop by for a visit and be inspired to make changes in your own home decor.

Until next time. . .

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