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Monday, March 7, 2011

One Year Anniversary!

One crosses many milestones as they experience the journey of life. Our One Year Anniversary was a memorable milestone for "Mr. Ed" and I.

Most young couples spend their first year of marriage together. Not the case for this newlywed couple. You see, March 27, 1970, 
I sent Ed away on a Greyhound Bus.

I vowed not to let him see me cry. I remember standing there trembling on the inside.

As the bus turned the corner, I felt my whole world had just left with him. I remember getting into the car, lying my head onto the steering wheel and just letting the floodgates flow.

Ed had just left for the Induction Center in Kansas City.

When I was graduating from High School, "Mr. Ed" was graduating from Basic Training.

The following morning, I boarded a TWA flight for Fork Polk, Louisiana.

By evening, I would be re~united with my husband.

During his first furlough from the U. S. Army,
we celebrated our One Year Anniversary!

We drove to Kansas City and saw the opening of the movie Funny Girl starring my all time favorite Barbara Streisand at Glenwood Manor.

We spent the night, ate year old wedding cake and exchanged gifts. I gifted him with a Timex watch.

His gift to me. . .this French Couple porcelain busts.

During our many military moves, the male bust was broken beyond repair, leaving the female bust alone, for the better part of twenty years.

Shortly after our Fortieth Wedding Anniversary,
on our Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring State Park,
I spotted a lonely porcelain male bust on a high shelf at the Heartland Antique Mall in Lebanon, Missouri.

As I carefully removed him from the shelf and turned him over ~ the same insignia was on his blue felted base. An exact match to the base of my female busts. 

I cradled him close as I carried him to the cash register where he was wrapped in layers of tissue.

Again, I stood there trembling on the inside. My heart was racing as I begin to think of a reunion, of sorts, for my lone bust.

Arriving On Crooked Creek, 
I placed the male bust on the shelf ~ along with the once lonely female porcelain bust.

Twenty years she waited, alone, to be reunited with her mate. More than twenty years I, too waited, for "Mr. Ed" to finally come home.

A journey that has led us through many milestones. 

The experience of life's journey continues for "Mr. Ed" and I
. . .On Crooked Creek.

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