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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green Frenchy Farmhouse Style!

Preparing for St. Patrick's Day in an Irish / Italian household makes for interesting choices in home say the least! Add in "Mr. Ed's" English / Irish heritage and things can get pretty heated at times!

So~o~o. . .to cool things down a notch. . .On Crooked Creek, I chose a green Frenchy Farmhouse Style for the dining room hutch!

Having a limited collection of Majolica dishes On Crooked Creek, doesn't limit my usage of these uniquely intricate pieces for display. I adore them! Let's start with my adorable Classic Majolica Handpainted Stoneware Tea Set, shall we?

Due to the amount of blue in this Tea Set, I passed it up the first time I saw it. However; I couldn't stop thinking . . . I should have bought that darling Majolica Tea Set. Knowing it would be 4 ~ 6 weeks before I could return, I just knew it would already be sold. I dismissed it!

When I returned, nearly 2 months later, I had to search the store! Someone had place it behind a stack of Desert Rose dishes. But, I spotted the Tea Set. . .and home it came to my side of the Prairie!

Perfect size for a small salad or dessert are my Green Leaf Majolica plates by Suzanne Nicoll.  I adore how they fit nicely inside this primitive wooden box for display!

Finding these Majolica handled plates last year during a half  ~ off $ale made me want to do an Irish Jig! These are the perfect size for a sandwich and chips!

This detailing compliments both my Green Leaf Majolica and my Bordallo Pinheiro Majolica Cabbage plates!

This lidded asparagus jar is an Antique Mall find for only $1 during last year's Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon, Missouri!

An heirloom vintage, green glass batter bowl holding faux lemons is truly the closest thing to Frenchy Farmhouse Style on the dining room hutch.

As evening approaches On Crooked Creek it's time to leave you, dear ones, once again.  I do hope you'll visit soon for the reveal of my Celtic Tablescape which features more of my Green Majolica Collection!

Until next time. . .


During the month of March, I'm aspiring to connect each post On Crooked Creek with a Green theme. Keep in mind that the word green has multiple meanings. In this post the Green theme was reuse! Nothing new, just re~using decor I already had!
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