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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Inspirational Arrangement. . .

Blessings and inspirations 
continually abound in the Land of Blog!

My blog friend, 
Pat @ Back Porch Musings greatly inspired me
with a wreath she recently designed for her Back Porch (here).

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous
On Crooked Creek!
Time to finish the Spring decor on the Front porch!!!

* * * * * * * Tutorial * * * * * **
Using only what I already had,
I was able to create this cala lily floral arrangement.

Switching out the baskets,
I used my flat rectangular basket and began with some
faux branches with green leaves combined with airy fern.

Next, came the cala lilies!
I began with two and then kept adding,
filling the basket until I reached the look I desired.

Then, I filled in with soft buttery yellow Prairie flowers. . .

Finally, I finished by 
filling the void space in the back with an ivy sprig.

I adore the freshness it gives to our front porch!
Viewed from the driveway. . .

or viewed from the front entrance On Crooked Creek. . .

it is just the right balance for our color palette!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This, dear ones, 
is the view I admire each time I open our front door!!!

. . .and 

this is the view our family and friends see
as they come for visits On Crooked Creek!

A freshly misted airy, Boston Fern. . .

and our doorman Froggy keeping watch 
over the two~tier plant stand 
with its continuing subtle color palette of plants.

Arriving On Crooked Creek,
as you ascend the front steps,
the first glimpse of Spring that awaits you
is this three~tier planter.

Inspiration comes from a vast variety of sources,
but the Ladies of the Land of Blog 
are the greatest resource of all!!!

Thank you, dear friend, Pat @ Back Porch Musings
for inspiring me to use the resources of my own
to create a front porch Spring arrangement!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining

Be sure to visit
for you’ll come away
filled with amazing inspirations
for use in your own home décor!

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