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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week~Day Get~Away. . .Part I

Ah~h~h. . .
finally the arrival of gorgeous Spring weather!!!
Perfect for a week~day get~away to Weston, Missouri!

"Mr. Ed's" handiwork
at the edge of the Herb Garden
On Crooked Creek!

"Mr. Ed" and I recently took a Road Trip,
staying three days at Tuck U Inn @ Glick Mansion 
in Atchison, Kansas.

Today, we will begin with a Walking Tour 
of Historic Homes in Weston, Missouri.

Our first stop. . .

708 Spring Street
"The Old Methodist Parsonage"

This Federal Style construction built in 1847,
is constructed with three brick thick walls.
Two flanking chimneys accommodate four fireplaces.

"Andy and Susan" slaves, were included in the 
purchase of the property when acquired 
by Dr. Thomas Beaumont and his wife in 1855.

Next on the tour. . . 
is the home that intrigued me most!

517 Walnut Street
"Josepha's House

Built in 1860, this "dog~trot" style cottage
has a center hall running from the front door to the back.
The home consists of four small rooms.

The entire back yard once held 
a famously known vegetable garden 
planted entirely by Josepha.

This property was purchased in the early 1950's 
by a Polish immigrant, Josepha Grazik, 
who suffered the cruelty of a German concentration camp
during World War II.

Here's the intriguing part ~
At the end of the war, the Bless family of Weston, 
believing Josepha to be a man because of her name,
provided sponsorship for her to come to the United States.

Our last home, on this walking tour,
is most often referred to
as "the home with the wrap~around porch".

Wealthy business leader James W. Cox
built his elegant ten~room home 
for his wife "Lizzie"Noble Cox in 1908.

A socialite, "Lizzie" was once described
as a "lady of uncommon loveliness"
with superior culture and refinement.

Leaded windows, large fluted wood columns
and ornate woodwork are all part of the original structure.

This home was widely known 
for elaborate parties and social activities.
Inspired by the romantic setting,
the new owners were married on the front porch
on October 24, 1998.

All that "walking about" on this beautiful Spring day
with the most amazing fresh, cool air 
gave "Mr. Ed" and I quite an appetite!

Our final destination. . .

Built in 1843, this home was and slave quarters
are constructed of hand~made brick.

In the mid~to~1800’s,
the home was owned by local retailer, Roscoe How.
Sometime later , the home was purchased
by county corner W.L. Stephens.

608 Main Street
"White Lace" Avalon Cafe

In the late 1980’s the home was renovated.
The original floors, woodwork, fireplaces and
exposed brick walls remain in now what is
Avalon Café.

“Mr. Ed” and I both ordered pasta dishes.
His had Italian peppers on Alfredo pasta,
mine had a grilled Chicken breast topped with eggplant
and steamed garden vegetables with basil!
Our table was similar to the one
shown here in the corner of the dining room.

After lunch, “Mr. Ed” and I did some shopping
along the Main Street of Weston, Missouri.
They have some of the most adorable,
quaint specialty shops!

Yes, I made a few purchases. . .
But we’ll save those for another time.

502 Spring Street
Pirtle Winery

Weston, Missouri,
a perfect time and place for a week~day get~away!

Until next time. . .

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