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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Going Green!

It's true, dear ones...
the Kitchen Cabinet On Crooked Creek is going green!

Since moving On Crooked Creek, I've always kept my MoMa's Classic Rose pattern Fine China in the Dining Room China Cabinet. I adore MoMa's China! Fine white porcelain, pink roses with silver is truly beautiful.  However; over a period of years, my taste have evolved to a more relaxed style.

Kitchen Cabinet makeover following Christmas On Crooked Creek.

So~o~o. . .
after returning from our Anniversary Trip to Kansas City, On Crooked Creek is going green!

"Mr. Ed" & I enjoyed our shopping spree @ Nell Hill's Briarcliff Village Store and were thrilled to find these green urns in varying sizes! I knew the perfect place for them in our home would be in our French Country Style Kitchen and Dining Room!

Green urns sit atop the Kitchen Dining Room Cabinet.

If you're a regular On Crooked Creek, you already know that I love Sunflowers!!!
Indoors ~ and ~ outdoors!
"Mr. Ed" has a garden patch On Crooked Creek that is solely dedicated to planting and growing Sunflowers. . .just for me! Every mid~June, Sunflowers begin to abound On Crooked Creek!

Green urns are the perfect compliment to my favorite Sunflower print!
  Once the green urns replaced the creamy Italian Pottery Urns on the top of the Kitchen Cabinet, I indulged myself in an idea I'd been considering for quite some time. . .I removed the Classic Rose China and replaced it with my Green Leaf Majolica and Bordallo Pinheira Portugal collection!

Cabinet empty and ready for going green!
The plate rack at the back of the cabinet was the beginning for the placement of my single large dinner plate and the four salad plates. It didn't give me the depth that I was trying to achieve. By adding  an easel, I accomplished the layered look I was desiring. 

Plates placed in the plate rack @ the back of the cabinet.

Layering plates to give depth and visual interest to the cabinet.
  Continued layering and adding more green plates on the second shelf. . . I'm beginning to enjoy the change taking place in the Kitchen China Cabinet On Crooked Creek!

Smaller green leaf plate placed on a small easel to give it more presence.

With both shelves completed with my Bordallo Pinheira Collection, I needed to add more visual interest .

One thing we have an ample amount of On Crooked Creek is dishes!  Adding visual appealing vignettes to my cabinets has become one of my trademarks throughout our home decor.

So ~ o ~ o ~. . .
it was time to go shopping in the treasure trove of accessories and complete what I envisioned the change to become when going green On Crooked Creek!

My beloved mother ~in~law's green depression dessert plates and bowls!

A 1940's green glass batter bowl.

A vintage lemon juicer.

My only rooster French Country figurines!

My favorite "Giving Thanks" figurine!

I, also, added my green cabbage tureen, a wedding gift from the 1970's ceramic era. I'm really liking the going green look On Crooked Creek.  Here's another look from shelf ~ to ~ shelf  for you to see for yourself that going green is truly appealing!

On Crooked Creek will be continue going green as we showcase the tabletop of this cabinet in an upcoming post. Stop by for another visit soon to see the cabinet in it's entirety.

Busy Bea & Busy Bob bid you farewell On Crooked Creek.

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek is joining our gracious hostess, Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday. Please stop by and visit all the inspirational changes taking place in the land of Blog!

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