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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's In It For You?

Every year ~ as the actual date for our departure to Bennett Spring State Park for our Annual Trout Fishing Trip draws near ~ people often ask, "What's in it for you?"

The softness that comes across my face, followed with my gentle response, doesn't appear to satisfy their understanding of how I could possibly enjoy going on a fishing trip ~ knowing I don't fish.

Vacation is my time away from routine. Relaxing ~ and enjoying ~ my life with "Mr.Ed".  Time for nature walks, reading, Antique Shopping ~ and trying out new recipes. TIME.

We've been returning to the same vacation spot for nearly 21 years. The last six years @ Larry's Cedar Resort. We began by visiting their individual cabins, but the last two years, we've stayed in the same condo. . .and yes, we've reserved our space for 2012!

The condo comes with a fully equipped efficiency kitchen. . . and while we cook some of our meals ahead and freeze. . .I DO cook while we're there!

Cooking away from home takes considerable preparation and is the one time I actually do an entire week's menu planning. I plan for the number of breakfast, lunches, and dinners, along with some snack items; however, the actual day of a specific menu is determined around each days events.

S0~0~o. . .
                      here's What's On The Menu? 10

Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring State Park. . .

Tuesday ~ Travel Day:
Breakfast                            Lunch                               Dinner
Granola Bar                          Meatloaf                             Bacon, Lettuce
Coffee                                      Mashed Potatoes           Tomato Sandwich
                                                  Green Beans                    Pineapple Chunks
                                                  Dinner Roll                      Raspberry Tea
                                                  Iced Tea

Just under a six hour drive from On Crooked Creek to Bennett Spring State Park, we break up the long drive by stopping in Fort Scott to visit my dad and step~mom. For lunch, we met at a local diner and enjoyed a home cooked meal with conversation before heading back onto Highway 54.

Wednesday ~ Settling In:
Breakfast                           Lunch                                Dinner
*Apricot Coffee Cake      Hot Ham & Cheese         Polish Sausage
Yogurt                                 on a Croissant                   Boiled Potatoes
Coffee                                   Iced Tea                              Green Beans
                                                                                              Hot Tea
This year, I simply u n w o u n d! I read my September/ October issues from my magazine collection, sketched some inspirations for the upcoming entertaining On Crooked Creek, had an encounter with a praying mantis and an overly aggressive hummingbird, and
n a p p e d while my classical music provided gentle background music.

Thursday ~ Excursion Day:
Breakfast                         Lunch                                Dinner
Hot Ham & Egg             Great Wall                         *Apricot Coffee Cake
on a Croissant               Chinese Buffet                   Apricot Hot Tea

*Apricot Coffee Cake from Martha @ Lines from Linderhof!
Unfortunately, our Antique and Outlet Shopping held some very real disappointments this year. I made a $2.00 purchase @ the Antique Mall. My purchases at the Outlet stores ~ again minimal. Hoping to be truly inspired by a beautiful home decor store with three amazing stories nearly brought me to tears. Traditions had sold in the past year and was replaced with a consignment store!

Friday~ Solidarity Day:
Breakfast                         Lunch                               Dinner
The Dining Lodge                                                          *Chicken Vesuvio~
Bennett Spring Breakfast                                            Chicago Style

Solitude. The day when "Mr. Ed" and I go our separate ways. I drive "Mr. Ed" down to the Spring to fish ~ then I head into Lebanon and visit two other Antique Shops. An upcoming post on "Catch~of~the~Day" in the days ahead.

* Chicken Vesuvio ~ Chicago style from Wives with Knives...

Saturday ~ The Final Stretch:
Breakfast                        Lunch                               Dinner
Polish Sausage                 Hillbilly Burgers         *Leftovers of
Eggs                                                                                 Chicken Vesuvio
Biscuits                                                                            Hot Tea
Mandarin Oranges

S l o w start morning. Clad in our jammies and sweats, "Mr. Ed" and I shared the chores of breakfast. We lingered with coffee and conversation until the mid~morning hours. As he went off to his final full day of Trout Fishing, I journaled and reflected the year gone by and pondered the year ahead.
"Strength for the day and bright hope for tomorrow
                                                ~ Blessings all mine with ten thousand beside."

Sunday ~ Returning Journey:
Breakfast                      Lunch                                Dinner
Scrambled Eggs                                                            El Charro
Bacon                                                                               Mexican Dining

After a quick breakfast, "Mr.Ed" savors his last few hours of fishing while I put the final items in our suitcases and make the final sweep through the condo. Car loaded and check out @ 11:00 am, we begin the returning journey. After a leisurely visit with my dad and step~mom. . .we'll be looking ahead to our arrival On Crooked Creek.

Until next time. . .
 On Crooked Creek is joining our gracious hostess Yvonne @ StoneGable for On The Menu Monday!
Be sure to visit and be inspired to start making and baking something delicious for your own family.
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