The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Dawn of Something New. . .

The morning sun warms my face
                        while the dewy grass washes my feet.

I am renewed,
          and for the first time in a long time,
I breathe fresh air deep into my body
          and my noisy being quiets.

Suddenly, my ears awaken
                    and I hear your clear voice.

Love overwhelms me
and the trees and rocks and mountains celebrate.

Touch me dear Lord,
             give me peace beyond understanding,
joy unspeakable
             and unwaving faith for the journey.

Author Unknown
              taken from life:beautiful Summer 2008

On Crooked Creek ~
                                        a dawn of something new has taken place.

No longer employed,
             by choice,
I've embarked upon a new journey.

Much like the unknown author of this prose,
            I'm waiting for His divine guidance and direction in my life.

A dawn of something new. . .
                                          On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .

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