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Monday, June 11, 2012

That's Entertainment!

It's inevitable...
once I begin to make a change in one room On Crooked Creek,
it's only a matter of time before most everything has a re~arrange!

So~o~o. . .
now that the kitchen and dining room cabinets all have a fresh look for Spring. . .it was time to add a few changes to the Entertainment Center!

Long over~due!
Honestly, it was hard for me to believe I hadn't changed anything since last February!

I began with a change in backgrounds and added single floral prints with a silver frame to each side of the Entertainment Center. . .

Keeping a light and simple color palette, I used a Madonna figurine filled with Lily of the Valley and my French Busts.

Vintage soft turquoise vases added a subtle hue to offset the ivory figurines!

Although the clock and frame are of different colors, their similarity of shape keeps the consistency thorough out the cabinet. I adore e v e r y t h i n g about this frame. Its ivory color, the rope detailing, the feminine bow, and especially the dragonfly print!

Remember this is an Entertainment Center. . .
therefore I added a silver tray with two lidded silver crystal jars and an laser cut ivory shell made into a lily pad atop the DVD player on the lower shelf. 

The opposite side holds my CD player. Which, at all times, is fully loaded with calming classical piano selections! Chosen because this model could hold five CD's for continuous play!

Each side was given a sprig or two of ivy to soften the glass. Books in hues of blue, greens and taupe are used as risers and to hide the easels holding the prints.

One of my favorite features of the Entertainment Center is the lighting. The soft lighting showcases our decor items and adds to the overall ambiance in the evenings On Crooked Creek.

Directly below the glass cabinets are open shelves which hold the photos of our parents.
I added similar hued books, a fern filled urn, and a mourning dove alongside of the photos!

The open upper shelf stayed primarily the same. A shift in the direction of books and the addition of a ivy helps to hide the stereo speakers. I did try lying them down flat as suggested by a follower; however, the quality of sound was greatly effected.

The botanical fern prints were added to the Farmhouse window atop the Entertainment Cabinet. Also, the music box. . . elevated helps to balance the arrangement. New soft leafy vines were placed around the bases of the oil lanterns bringing in the green of the Season!

On Crooked Creek. . .
                                        That's Entertainment!

Until next time. . .

and, of course, On Crooked Creek will be joining our dear hostess, Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday! Be sure to visit and come away inspired!
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