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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Practical Decor. . .

This time around On Crooked Creek. . .                                                                                           it's practical decor!

On Crooked Creek, there is n o  lack of dinnerware!

                                             Quite the contrary. . . to "Mr.Ed's" dismay!

So~o~o . . .
to complete the showing off our green. . .
I put the everyday dinnerware on my two~tier plate rack!

Actually, it was time I devised a practical solution to our over~flowing cabinets!

The built~in china cabinet On Crooked Creek is situated in close proximity to our dining room table.

 Easy enough to grab a bowl for my morning cereal. . .
                                      or a saucer for an afternoon salad or sandwich!

Faux eggplant and a porcelain pear ~ in some vintage bowls ~
bridge the distance between the plates and the ambient lighting!

The cook~book is a wedding gift from my beloved Aunt.
The McCall's Cook Book has been a valuable resource.
It is the "go~to" every year for timing the Thanksgiving Turkey and the Christmas Ham!

Dinnerware is easily replaced after  a quick wash, and again, ready for  daily use!

The Showing Off Our Green built~in china cabinet above. . .

a n d

the Showing Off Our Green vignette below!

On Crooked Creek. . .
                               practical decor for a practical solution
                                                                   to an ever growing problem!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek is joining our dear hostess, Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday! Be sure to visit for inspiration in your own home decor!
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