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Friday, August 3, 2012

Layering On The Bronze. . .

While I do enjoy watching our American Athletes in their quest to medal, I'm not as big a fan of the Olympics as "Mr. Ed"! So~o~o, while he has been cheering them on to place for their medals. . .I've been layering on the Bronze!!!

Much like our athletes, I had some preparation to do before aspiring to take on the Bronze! My day began with placing the dining room area rug at an angle here On Crooked Creek!

The dining room of our 1970's Ranch Style Home is a narrow space that adjoins with the living room. The best visual description I can give is to think of an L ~ shape. The bottom (or shorter line in the L) is the dining room.

Triple digits on the Prairie have me feeling a bit "boxed ~ in". "Mr. Ed" and I discussed angling the buffet and hutch, but after careful measuring, found we could not gain access to the laundry closet!

The movement and flow appear much easier. This angle gives more open area near the laundry as well as to the garage! 

After a few trial and error attempts, I layered on the heirloom white linen tablecloth and the ecru embroidered topper. Both are placed on an angle, allowing the farmhouse chairs to glide easily around the table.

An heirloom, hand crocheted lace doily placed on an angle, keeps the layering for the Bronze with visual appeal. I adore this antique, cream vase! The bottom, with its intricate swirls, reminds me of a Victorian Ladies skirt.

Deep sage green hydrangeas  with a hint of Bronze fill this delicate vase. The Bronze mercury glass votive adds to the romantic flavor with its floral design and ambiance.

Burgundy, green and Bronze leaves with burgundy berries fill out the hydrangeas in the centerpiece! Blush and rust hydrangeas have replaced the Sunflowers in the half wicker basket for the Season.

All the elements of layering on the Bronze are well underway to bring on a winning tablescape.

Linen napkin, everyday beaded flatware combined with everyday white dinner ware keep this table setting streamlined.

Clear bubble glass stemware gives our dining experience a festive flair as we celebrate the accomplishments of each American Athlete!

On Crooked Creek, layering on the Bronze, truly an amazing feat!!!

In true competitive nature, come back soon for an unveiling of On Crooked Creek's next Olympic hue!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek will be joining our sweet hostess, Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday! Be sure to visit and see some of the most amazing table decor for your own family dining!

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