The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcoming Us Home . . .

Arriving home from our Annual Trout Fishing Trip On Crooked Creek, we were met with some welcoming sights. . .the mums were in full bloom!

This is only the second year for these
Mums and French Lavendar!

My favorite color combination for mums are bronze and burgundy ! Their vibrant hues are splendid during all types of Fall weather. They are also compatible with the day lillies, dusty miller, french lavender and the gingersnap roses in the front flower bed!

Right side of the flower bed On Crooked Creek. . .

. . .left side of flower bed On Crooked Creek.

Last year On Crooked Creek, we removed all the annuals and replaced them with perennials. We could tell you it's more economical, more environmentally friendly or less time consuming. . . but truthfully. . .it has to do with age! Our age. The age of our backs, knees and muscles every time we work in the flower beds!

Combined with the barberry and emerald 'n gold euonymus shrubbery, I planted lemon thyme across the back of the front flower bed. It's delicate white blossoms on the blue / green foliage were a delightful ground cover; however, after eight years. . .it was time for the thyme to go!

The Lemon Thyme has been replaced with Yellow Mums.

Labor Day weekend is always yard work weekend On Crooked Creek. With Freshening Up For Fall ~ we were a week behind schedule which afforded us to purchase Mums on sale @ Lowe's. "Mr. Ed" graciously planted the Mums to welcome our guests for our Neighborhood Care Unit Gathering On Crooked Creek. I couldn't contain my excitement when we toured the yard after unpacking to find them in full bloom!

The new bronze Mums . . .
I can hardly wait until they spread!

Bronze and Yellow Mums.
(Right)  Emerald 'n Gold Euonymus and Barberry (Left).

Notice the Emerald 'n Gold Euonymus beginning to turn
its leaves with our cooler night temperatures?

I'm looking forward to watching them grow and spread to fill in the area vacated by the thyme!

A tidbit I aquired from a friend in South East Kansas. . .
place items of interest in your flower beds.

A final glance On Crooked Creek.
Thank you for helping to welcome us back home On Crooked Creek. I'm sure you have much to do where you live. . .but for me
. . . I think I'll take my cup~of~tea outdoors this afternoon and enjoy the view!
Of course, you're welcome to join me, dear!

Until next time. . .
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