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with His gentle Joy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Roses Are For Rememberances. . .

Today, On Crooked Creek will be joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday! Marty is such a lovely hostess. . . be sure to stop by and see what other inspirations await!

Roses Are For Remembrances. . .
table and rose floral arrangement
heirlooms from my Mother, Carmen.
 Roses Are For Remembrances. . .

The roses in the cherub egg vase hold special remembrances for me. This delicate floral
arrangement was first purchased in the
early 70's by my Mother, Carmen.

"Mr. Ed" and I were home visiting during his military career when Moma shared with me that she had purchased this floral arrangement in the Kansas City Area. The florist was a former classmate of mine, Mark Evans, from my junior high years.

The original faux arrangement was plastic roses. . . remember, we are speaking of the 70's!

I have a very dear, lifelong friend who is an excellent nurse! However, she has many creative talents, as well. A few years ago, she came for a visit On Crooked Creek and reproduced this arrangement with silk roses! What a blessing! Knowing how dear this piece is to me, she made the remembrance now a trilogy !

"When on helps another,
                                       both are strong.
                             . . . Be strong in the Lord. . ."
Ephesians 6:10

Through the years, another close friend gave me the paper weight as a gift. I served as a para educator in her classroom. Our bond in the Sisterhood of Christ gave us the strength we needed to face the situations that came our way daily in a middle school setting. 

Moma used this as an accent table in our French Provincial living room; I use it as a side table in our home office. It is exquisite with it's curvy legs and marble top! The fluting on the table legs and the scallop on the skirting embellish its character.

The two bronze finials were purchased locally when I updated the home office decor On Crooked Creek this Summer. I changed out the Black and White Wellington Country Toile curtains for the Sage Green lined draperies. The Waverly Home Classics paint from Lowe's (WV42002) is titled Coffee! Fitting for working in your own home office!

Roses are for remembrance. . .
what remembrances come to your mind today?

Until next time. . .
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