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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year. . .New Look!

All the Santa's are packed away, relabeled and awaiting another holiday season. All that remains of Christmas past, in the Upper Level On Crooked Creek, are these gorgeous poinsettias. Precious gifts from "Mr. Ed" and my son and daughter~in~law.

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and our hostess, Marty @ Stroll Thru Life, for Table Top Tuesday.

Please stop by and visit these sweet ladies and all who have participated in sharing their homes for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

New Year. . .New Look On Crooked Creek!

I LOVE SNOW! Perhaps it has something to do with being December~born. May be it has something to do with living in the Midwest. Whatever the reason, Winter is my season. . . because, I LOVE SNOW!

"Mr. Ed" and I can remember when the snow in our State canceled school for a full week. We remember "make~up" days that extended our school calendar days into the Summer months.

 As a boy growing up on the farm, "Mr. Ed" remembers his dad driving the old Ford pickup truck to a nearby neighbors for a day of sleigh riding. All the country folks gathered at "The Egbert Place" for a day of winter play! A steep hill on an unincorporated country road was the perfect spot to sleigh the day away.

Being a city girl, we took to the streets! My dad, joined with the neighborhood fathers, would block off both ends of our neighborhood street for sledding. Ours had a nice, curvy slope. Perfect for sled racing.

SNOW DAYS were play days for our son and I while living on the German economy during our military career. This European sled was a present for him at Christmas. We took turns taking him sledding on the steep cobblestone hillside streets in the Village of Baumholder. One of those "precious moments" in my memory is the year my son, age 4, and "Mr.Ed" built me a SNOWMAN as a birthday gift. Each time I looked out the window, there stood Frosty. . .twig arms and gravel grin. . .a tribute to my love of SNOW!

I miss those Good Old Days On Crooked Creek! Our snows have been fairly light the past eight winters we've been here. Very seldom does our school district have a true SNOW DAY!

Since "Mr. Ed" is employed as the Night Supervisor for K.D.O. T., when our Winter Storms come, life On Crooked Creek is, truly, bittersweet. Welcoming him home after a tiring 12 hour shift, I recently commented, "Perhaphs, one day soon, you can enjoy the snow when you are able to see it's loveliness from this side of the patio door." He smiled wryly as he headed down the hallway to well deserved sleep. " Wake me by 5:30", was all he had to say.

So. . .does this mean there's a possibility of SNOW in tonight's forecast? Time will tell!

Until next time. . .
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