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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Very Own Book!

Dear Ones,

Don't you just love receiving mail?

                          No! I'm not talking about e~mail. . .

                                                            No! I'm not talking about face book. . .

What I'm talking about is receiving real  p a p e r  mail!

Like this. . .

I sent off for this. .  . 

                                    It's a book.
                                                                 My very own book!


See. . .

Come closer for a look at the title. . .

On Crooked Creek. . .

                                      My very own book!

While looking at some possible new designs for On Crooked Creek, I happened upon a page from
             The Cutest Blog On The Block
                                                                 that said Print Your Blog Book.
And that's just what I did!

While I love blogging about my decor, dishes, make~overs, table tops, vignettes. . . the real reason I blog is for my creative writing outlet! I love writing about my family and life's experiences, in general!

With my birthday being in December and the 'end ~of ~year' reflections, I began to think about what I am really leaving as heritage to my son. He won't want my dishes nor my many collectibles, but he might enjoy reading some of my thoughts about the life and happenings On Crooked Creek. In his childhood we would spend hours pouring over family albums. This was a way to bridge the gap when "Mr. Ed's" military career would call him on unaccompanied business. Something Bill enjoyed then. . . and still enjoys today!  So. . .  having all my first year blogs published into book form seemed like a great way to preserve for prosperity our unique journey. Of course, our son would prefer to remain anonymous. . .oops!

Front Cover ~
The photo I chose was sunflowers grown by "Mr. Ed", just for me, On Crooked Creek. The sunflower patch is located in our backyard against the privacy fence. The view from the patio door ~ breathtakingly beautiful!

Dedication Page ~
The first page of my blog book is the Dedication Page. . .

On Crooked Creek. . .
From lurker ~ to blogger, oh what a joyful
experience these past five months have
been in my life! What began as an
outlet for my creative writings has brought
about wonderful new friendships ~ through
memes and comments ~ from some of the
finest ladies with which I've had the
opportunity to correspond.

Table of Contents~
Begins with my very first post and goes through my Christmas post. Thirty post in all! A total of 197 pages include not only my post, but all of the wonderful comments from all of you in blog land that visited On Crooked Creek this past year.

Back Cover ~
Once again, the handiwork of "Mr. Ed's" labors. This time the flower bed at the entrance to our home On Crooked Creek. Showcasing all of my favorites . . .dusty miller, french lavender and bronze mums. . .in full bloom!

The place of honor for my first book is among those of the famous Mary Carol Garrity's Nell Hill books that inspire me with my own home decor. Invaluable references.

Great coffee table reading books for quiet times. . . 
On Crooked Creek.

Book Review ~
?) Am I pleased with the outcome of my first book?
    YES! I certainly am!
?) Will I publish another blog book in the future?
     No doubt in my mind there will continue to be sequel publications!
?) Will I make changes in the future publications?
     That is a possibility. Already I'm thinking of improvements:
     *) Adding more photos. . .
         (Sidebar items didn't print to pages.)
     *) Blogs I Follow. . .
          (Would have been nice to have had my initial list to compare
             with an additional listings.)
     *) Profile Page. . .
          ( I would have preferred that included in this publication.)

To print your very own book is, truly, very simple.

*) Click the icon Print Your Blog Book

Now you're ready to begin!

You have the choice of:
+) Cover  (designs and hardback or soft cover.)
+) Images
+) Number and Order of Post
+) Comments

You can:
#) Edit your book
#) Add / Remove comments

Once you type in your blog name and Print My Blog it is just a few short weeks until the arrival of your published blog book! Amazing!

Life is sometimes. . .difficult.
I feel truly blessed that God has brought each and everyone who reads On Crooked Creek into my life. You have blessed my life by making it a more enjoyable journey.

 On Crooked Creek will be joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday. For amazing inspiration be sure to visit all the lovely table top decor the ladies have prepared for your viewing pleasure!

 Until next time. . .
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