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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Quaint Necessity Room!

Dear Ones, our Master Bath is anything, but a Master. "Mr. Ed' calls it a 'hole in the wall', I call it quaint.

         2a)marked by a skillful design
           b)marked by beauty or elegance
         3a)unusual or different in character or appearance : ODD
           b)pleasingly of strikingly old fashioned or unfamiliar

So~o~o~o. . .
today we're going to tour an unusual or different in character or appearance: ODD . . . A Quaint Necessity Room On Crooked Creek!

Remembering that we live in a later '70's Ranch Style home may help you to better envision the quaintness of this Master Bath. The room layout is rectangular measuring 7 feet 3 inches long X 4 feet 9 inches wide. It houses a sink, toilet, a shower. . . and "Mr. Ed"!

On Crooked Creek the Master Bath was our first MAJOR renovation project! The only two original items are the toilet and the shower. In keeping with our Traditional Cherry bedroom furniture, I had the hopes of a Gentleman's Private Bath. Not that I've ever entered such a room,  but from magazines I'd viewed. Dark, rich cherry cabinetry was the masculine choice I had in mind.

The Resident Decorator, as he is sometimes known, voiced his opinion concerning his preference for Oak cabinetry. However; he was easily persuaded to switch to Cherry. I'd like to think it was the two~drawer storage, fluted front, granite counter top with under mount sink, masculine gentleman's detailing. It wasn't. It was the price!

Before our relocation move On Crooked Creek, shopping was extremely limited in our rural area. I did a reasonable amount of catalog ordering and feel I had great selection choices. I ordered this wall mounted shelving unit to offset the lack of linen storage in our Quaint Necessity Room! I adore the Victorian Era detailing! Rich undertones of Cherry, two shelves for storage and a hanging towel bar made it a perfect fit for the Necessities!

That was. . .until. . ."Mr. Ed" decided to expand on my choice of Gentleman's Private Bath accessories! ! !

Remember how smitten I was with that Victorian Era shelf? While "on the hunt" for the proper accessories for "Mr. Ed's" new Private Gentleman's Bath, I happened upon these lovelies! Victorian Era shaving mugs! Off~white porcelian in nature with perfect crackling due to their age, adorned by roses in hues of creams, pinks, sages and from Leuchtenburg, Germany. Ah~h~h, I envisioned a whole collection over the years of Victorian Era shaving and mustache mugs to line that top shelf!

Enter. . .The Resident Decorator!

One of our hobbies, together. . . as a couple, is to take an occasional Saturday and visit our local Antique and Flea Markets in search of treasures to add to our collections! Neither one of us is quite sure how or exactly when "Mr. Ed" got off the beaten path. I do remember him saying something about his Dad using Old Spice and I noticed these. . .

First they were here. . .

. . .then they were here

. . .and over here!


Until finally. . . 
they were all over the top of his medicine cabinet!

Seemed like everytime we went out. . .more came in! My Dad and Step~Mother even gave him some of the ones they'd had for years! ! !

"Mr. Ed's" collection had grown to such great porportions that I put my tea cup collection in the china cabinet and gave him my vintage tea cup shelf to hang in the Quaint Necessity Room!

Oh, now don't think for one minute that The Resident Decorator was in this alone. Yours truly was the one who suggested he might want to collect other 'shaving' things. That's when the shaving brushes and cup soaps came on the scene. Once again, my Dad gave him a wooden shaving mug from his days in the Navy! ( World War II) The razors are from "Mr. Ed's" Army enlistment! (Vietnam Era 1970's)

During our 35th Anniversary trip to Lawrence, "Mr. Ed" was overjoyed to find another Lavendar Shave Mug! This one does hold quaint necessity items.

Victorian Era mustache mugs came on the scene during another visit to see my Dad. My Moma, Carmen, (Carmen's Beauty Shop) had been given these by one of her suppliers through the years.

More cups. . .more shelf space needed!

So. . . as our tour of a Gentleman's Private Bath On Crooked Creek comes to close, I have a bit of advice to give myself. When hunting for collectibles with "Mr. Ed", don't let him far from your sight! What he envisioned. . . and what I envisioned, apparently, weren't the same vision, at all!

What this hopeless romatic On Crooked Creek had envisioned was a simple continuation of this. . .

. . .combined with this

. . .just A Quaint Necessity Room!

On Crooked Creek will be joining Tam @ Three Or More Tuesday . . .I think this posting qualifies for three or more. Be sure to stop over if for nothing more than to see her adorable grandson on his first Valentine's Day! Too darn cute, Tam!

Until next time. . .
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