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Monday, April 2, 2012

An Open Door!

Last year during our Spring weather, I opened the door of my kitchen hutch to show you  a glimpse of what's inside. This year as we threw open the patio doors during our unseasonably 80 degree weather, I once again, opened the door to the kitchen hutch. . .

Isn't it amazing how An Open Door brings countless possibilities???

First I tried some aqua blue vintage vases...but they clashed with the aqua blue Homer Laughlin China in the glass cabinet adjacent to the open door!

So~o~o...I removed the vintage vases and began again!
My first though was to do a display with my green and white restaurant dishes, but "Mr. Ed" and I are working towards a new project On Crooked Creek for housing and displaying my ever growing collection! 

The inside of this cabinet is solid wood and stained honey oak. Something was definitely needed to lighten up the backdrop.  I kept the one full size green and white restaurant dinner plate on the easel and added my creamy crackled pears! In keeping with the green theme adjacent, I added some faux bunches of asparagus!

A quick re~arrange of the bottom shelf using my ceramic cabbage tureen, leaf tray and Bordallo Pinhiero salad plates kept cohesive color hues throughout the cabinet! That cute black hat in the corner is actually a candle snuffer!

Having An Open Door allows me one more place to showcase some vintage linens.

This white embroidered vintage linen tea towel was made by my beloved Mother ~ In ~ Law. I adore the soft butter yellow hues in the simplistic embroidery design! Placing this towel atop a green linen tea towel keeps harmony within the decor. 

On Crooked Creek is adding one more hue to this Frenchy Farmhouse Style kitchen and dining area for Spring. Perhaps you've already discovered the additional hue by my subtle hints.

I'll be revealing the new color palette in an upcoming post as "Mr. Ed" and I host our Spring Dinner Group On Crooked Creek. I hope you'll visit soon and delight in the newest hue!

On Crooked Creek. . . An Open Door always leads to adventure!

Until next time. . .

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