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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kink In The Blueprint!

For many, many years...I've dreamed a French Country Kitchen!

Our Galley Kitchen On Crooked Creek as you enter from the the Entry Hall!

Several years ago, I bravely managed to paint our dark mahogany stained cabinets Paperwhite from Sherwin~Williams.

Our Galley Kitchen On Crooked Creek as you enter from the Entry Hall!

I've strived to blend Traditional ~ with ~
Frenchy Farmhouse Style throughout the area.

However, when I completed the painting of the cabinets, I purposely left this cabinet door off and added wicker baskets. Using apple and raffia napkin rings, I looped decorative dish cloths through the open handles!

Traditional fruit motif wallpaper and cabinetry.

This Farmhouse Style stool is from "Mr. Ed's" family farm. Each time someone mentions its uniqueness when visiting we hear, "Many are the days I had to sit here for my Mom to give me a 'homemade' haircut!"

Another key element for a Frenchy Farmhouse Style Kitchen is chicken wire!

Dear Ones,
Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince your husband ~ raised farm boy ~ to put chicken wire in your kitchen???

Since "Mr. Ed" has retired. . .a change has come over him. He actually hears what I have to say. Numerous times in the past I had asked to have chicken wire inserted in the cabinet doors above the range, but this time he actually heard me!

Totally wasted display space, this above the range cabinet was previously used for storage. . .and not very well used I might add. The bottom of the cabinet wasn't flush with the cabinet door.

So~o~o. . .
as "Mr. Ed" agreed to cut out the door fronts and replace them with chicken wire. . .I added an interior shelf that would showcase my restaurant dishware collection! As I tried to create a drawing on paper of the visual in my head. . .the reply that came from "Mr. Ed" was. . ."Don't throw a kink in the blueprint!"

No one ever called me a patient person!

The measuring, the cutting, the securing, the painting, and  the drying time took  f o r e v e r!!!

                               Until, finally . . . ta ~ da

                . . . chicken wire in my French Farmhouse Style Kitchen!

The height of the shelf was determined by the excessive measuring to insure the proper fit for showcasing our European glass pitchers! An oval restaurant serving platter was turned upward to make an interesting backdrop for the small milk pitcher!

Beneath are various sized oval serving platters. . .stacked as you would have seen them in the  kitchens of a 1940 ~ 1950's restaurant. An oval platter backdrop, another milk pitcher and a lidded biscuit bowl fill in the shelf space nicely!

To add the punch of color needed to  unify the cabinet with the other decor elements in our Frenchy Farmhouse Style Kitchen, I began with a vintage botanical strawberry print. This print is double matted in an ivory and a light sage green. The dark green frame accents the delicate print making the perfect backdrop to coordinate with our  Traditional fruit motif wallpaper.

A vintage glass pitcher with hand painted poppies and a set of six juice glasses with red tulips adds visual interest behind the chicken wire doors.

Another key element in Frenchy Farmhouse Style is chickens. . .so~o~o. . . I added a sitting hen creamer on a bed of faux straw to give a whimsical touch.

"Mr. Ed's' patience is undeniable for allowing me to "throw a kink in the blueprint"! With his handyman skills and my vision, we have created another piece of the puzzle needed to complete our Frenchy Farmhouse Style Kitchen!

I adore the addition of chicken wire in our 
Frenchy Farmhouse Style Kitchen ~
                                         with ~ Traditional elements!!!

Don't you???

Until next time. . .

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