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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark Twain House Bark!

 On Crooked Creek's color of choice is . . .
                                                                   Mark Twain House Bark!

The Completed Look . . . Day 15!

New trim color of Almond Oil accents the windows and doors!

New hue. . .Almond Oil vs the past hue of Almond Paste!

"Mr. Ed" did all the painting ~ by himself!
I offered to help.
His reply was," I don't like the way you paint!"

"Really?", I replied.
His response, "You paint everything black or white!"
I must admit. . .he' s correct.

The East Side of our home. . .Day 5!

South Side (Garage Side) . . .Day 7!

North Side of our home. . .Day 8!

The back of our home freshly painted. . .Day 10!

Since he had 31 days to complete the job,
I didn't allow "Mr. Ed" to paint on the weekends!

The West Side with the deck. . .Day 10!

Not only did he complete all the painting
and the trim painting around the doors and windows;
he also replaced all the screens to the 10 windows in the house!

Even the Garden Shed,
On Crooked Creek, received a new coat of paint!

The Garden Shed. . .Day 13!

What a m a n!

All the exterior work
                  On Crooked Creek
                                                                 was completed on Day 15!

. . . and since I wasn't allowed to aid in the actual painting . . .
                                       I photographed the amazing transformation!

On Crooked Creek ~
                          Here's the b e f o r e . . .

and the a f t e r. . .

We r e a l l y like the way it looks!

Until next time. . .


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Pat, it looks amazing. He did a fabulous job and so fast too. The new screens are always a bonus also. Really love the new color. Hugs, Marty

Martha said...

I love your new color -- I do like it better than the old!

And all of that done in such a short time -- congratulations to Mr. Ed!

And I love the name of the color -- what a clever name!

podso said...

Pat it looks wonderful!
I love the new color and your little shed is so cute! your husband must have worked hard to accomplish all that in 15 days. i love seeing open windows--- a rarity here it's usually so hot

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

That looks great Pat.. Love the new color..
I do have to say, now I'm nervous lol.. I've had mine sw universal khaki for 6 years and we decided this spring to switch over to a deep sage green.. seeing yours so pretty in bark makes me wonder why I want to change colors :-)

bj said...

Oh, gosh...looks like a new house. He really did a nice job.
Love your pretty color choice.

Shelia said...

Hi Pat! Oh, you new house color looks wonderful. Your Mister did a great job and he was swift too!
I think my blogging problems have been fixed! Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Love the new color! It looks updated and fresh. Nothing like a new coat of paint to make a house feel appreciated. My sweet hubby painted ours just recently, and I mostly watched.
So I know how much work it was for you two. :) Happy Weekend~

Babs said...

Pat, your hubby did a great job...and even painted the shed, too.
Don't you just love how a new, fresh paint color perks everything up?
Nice job...and now I know how to get out of or white, huh? :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Pat, What a MAN is right!!! Love the cowboy hat! It is my husband's goal to become a cowboy... or a pirate!
I love the new color too. Very warm! and they work so well with the stone.
I had to laugh at your cowboy's comment about you painting everything black or white. Me too!
Now that he is finished this huge project I have one question.... DO YOU RENT HIM OUT?