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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enter As Strangers. . .

This sign hangs above the coat closet of the entry hall On Crooked Creek.

This Fall the most frequently used advertising term in our area has been "gather". Even our Church has captivated the phrase recently for a congregational care function. . .
Neighborhood Care Gathering.

Interestingly enough, our newly appointed Associate Pastor recently gave his sermon on the topic of Are You a Mary or a Martha? "Mr. Ed" and I both chuckled from the pew. On Crooked Creek . . . I am absolutely, positively, unmistakably . . . a Martha! A nickname I've carried for more than two decades.

So . . .
let's just say when we received a friendly call from a member of "the committee" that our name had been suggested by our Senior Pastor to host our Neighborhood Care Gathering On Crooked Creek, we were not at all surprised.
. . . And being a Martha (after consulting with the host), we graciously agreed.

You've heard it said of athletes, artist and composers that when they are striving for the goal, creating a masterpiece , or amidst composing the musical score that they are "in the zone". As soon as Ed agreed we could be host and hostess ~ my Martha Mode kicked into overdrive!

Our responsibilities as the hosting household were to put out cups and provide a drink. On Crooked Creek's interpretation of that requirement . . .

Homemade Oatmeal Cookies and chilled Louisburg Apple Cider!

Party~Lite candlesticks, brown dollar tree pumpkins, dried berry garland and an oversized gourd atop my sage green $5.00  Flea Market  find tablecloth.

The addition of "Giving Thanks" hand painted porcelain figurine.

My dad's brown ironstone pitcher and the addition of a newly purchased Mulled Cider sign complete the table setting. . . ready for guests!

I had the opportunity to drop ~ in to the Church office prior to the event and visited with our Congregational Care Pastor. He mentioned the upcoming event and I told him Ed and I were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our guests. I ask him to share with our Associate Pastor  if he prefer I be a Mary or a Martha when they spoke during the week. Pastor was quick to respond . . . We would prefer our ladies who serve our congregation to have Martha qualities when preparing any events for the Church families . . .
I smiled and softly replied, "Oh, Pastor, I might let you know that through the years I've developed a 'split personality'. You see, once the guest arrive, I take on a Mary disposition."

The smile on his face . . . priceless.

What a wonderful evening of fellowship and new and rekindled friendships!

. . . Leave as friends.

Until next time. . .

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
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