The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keep It Simple. . .

On Crooked Creek felt this would be the perfect chance to expose you to the continuation of the softer side of Autumn on the front porch! So~o~o. . . I've joined the party hosted by Barb @ Grits and Glamour. . .

Keep It Simple Party

The soft muted Autumn hues have totally captured my spirit for this Season's decorating indoors and out!

Using a vintage iron work plant holder, I added white cracked planters. "Mr. Ed" cut and fitted white Styrofoam to fill each planter. Then, I inserted a wooden cooking skewer that I broke to the desired height.

Next, I added grayish Spanish Moss around the perimeter of the planter.

Gently, I pushed this Styrofoam pumpkin atop of the skewer!

Continuing the process until all three planters were filled with a softer side of Autumn!

I adore the look! Don't you just adore those curly stems on the pumpkins?

"Mr. Ed" volunteered his "road find" galvanized bucket to fill in the void space at the base of the plant stand.

This photo shot is taken through the glass as I'm looking from the inside out! I'm quite smitten with how the plant stand of pumpkins enhances the wreath on my painless window!

A quick trip to Lowe's for a newly purchased pot of soft white mums to fill "Mr. Ed's" galvanized bucket. . .

Additional bunches of grayish Spanish moss complete the look for this corner of the front porch. On Crooked Creek's. . .Keep It Simple!

Until next time. . .

Thank you to Barb @ Grits and Glamour for hosting this simply divine meme!

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