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Friday, September 9, 2011

Traditional China Cabinet ~

The time of year has come to begin planning for Autumn's Arrival On Crooked Creek. This year the festivities will be in abundance. Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures combined with the "extra" day off  during Labor Day weekend; the China Cabinet, once again, took on a Traditional style. In keeping with my softer side of Autumn, I added a few vintage elements to enhance my Classic Rose China.

Let's take a peek through the glass doors shall we?

Here's a look at the completed transformation with the glass doors opened!

Although only six dinner plates are shown, I have a complete set for eight. Additional pieces were purchased to allow for breakage; however since my MoMa purchased the set in the 50's. . . none have been broken!

I adore the plate rack at the back of each shelf! The middle plate is placed last to give a dimensional effect.

Each placement of additional pieces becomes a Science. If not properly placed, the doors won't close. Forcing a door shut could have disastrous results!

You might be wondering why I've placed a jar candle lid in the China Cabinet? It's a secret of mine. Look closely On Crooked Creek and you'll find them cleverly disguised. They make the best risers!!!

See ~

By placing the saucer atop the candle lid, you can now see the cups and saucers above the wood rim of the cabinet door!

Those pink roses nearly take my breath away and are a reminder to "Mr. Ed" and I that pink roses were the flower of choice at our wedding! Don't you just adore those pink rosebuds inside the cup?


Stacked neatly atop one another are the dessert/salad plates, bread plates and soup bowls.

After checking multiple times to ensure that the cabinet doors will close nicely, I felt the overall effect was a bit too formal for my French Country Kitchen/ Traditional Dining Room. Perhaps a touch of Romantic Country with a bit of Traditional fruit added for softness.

Adding my Vintage Buttons and Bows pitcher, creamer and lidded sugar bowl brings an air of romance to the formal setting and gives greater visual appeal.

In keeping with the softer side of Autumn hues, I included my singular, pink depression, glass plate and bowl. These are plain, octagon shaped glassware with delicate, rectangular, glass handles. I am always on the look~out for them at Antique Shops and Flea Markets!

The opposite side showcases my petite, pink, Fostoria creamer and sugar bowl. They are just the essence of sweetness!

Giving added height and allowing the eyes to lift naturally is accomplished by placing these celebratory champagne flutes amidst the Classic Rose China. "Mr. Ed's" is inscribed with Best Man, mine simply states Pat. These are a special keepsake of a friend's wedding where "Mr.Ed" served as Best Man.

Orchestrating this softer side of Autumn On Crooked Creek has helped me to make a smooth transition from end of Summer to Autumn's Arrival.

From Going Green in the China Cabinet. . .

to a Traditional China Cabinet. . .

On Crooked Creek . . .
                                          Seasons change
                                                                          . . .and so does our home decor!

Until next time. . .

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