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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Softer Side of Autumn. . .

Two favorite Seasons of mine On Crooked Creek are Spring and Fall! This year with the anticipation of Thanksgiving On Crooked Creek. . .we're decorating with a Softer Side of Autumn!

When asked the question of where I find inspiration for my home decor, I usually respond with blogs I follow, home decor books, favorite designers ideas,  frequent decor shops and businesses, magazines, sometimes Seasonal catalogs! But this year, I have combined all of these and decided on a softer side for Autumn!

I'm a lady who loves color!!! My own home has reds, golds, and greens throughout the main living areas of our home. I adore these warm hues that continually make our home a comfortable habitat. So~o~o. . . you can imagine my own shock that I was drawn to the lack of color in this article, Let Spirits Soar by Fifi O'Neill, in the Fall 2011 edition of Romantic Country.

Upon further examination of this article, and the gorgeous photography and styling by Lulu Tapp, I realized it wasn't the white palette that had excited me. Instead it was the muted softer hues of the sage greens, the caramelized rusts, the amber oranges, and the creamy whites. I was smitten!!!

I can do this! We don't do Halloween On Crooked Creek, but we do Fall and Thanksgiving and this year we'll do it with the softer side of the Season.  This, ladies, I can do!

As a matter of fact, I've already started with the Fall wreath that hangs on the front porch On Crooked Creek! I've used this same wreath ever since I can remember. Each year I pull out the leaves to replace, or a flower to replace, or the cattails to replace. . . I think you get the picture! This year I took the entire wreath apart except for the dried mushroom and re~furbished the whole thing!

Beginning with the faded taupe grey of the dried mushroom was the basis of the color palette. I added leaves of the same hue as the dried mushroom, caramelized rusts, sage greens and amber oranges. Then, aided by "Mr. Ed", we hung it against the grey stone facade atop a creamy white painless window.

Although the palette hues are some of the same, by changing the backdrop for the wreath, I was able to achieve that softer side of Autumn I was desiring. I adore the subtle change for the front porch On Crooked Creek!

Over the next few weeks, that softer side will begin to evolve indoors On Crooked Creek. As we make the change from sweltering Summer heat to the first hints of chill in the air, let us all embrace the softer side of Autumn!

Until next time. . .

On Crooked Creek is linky to Modern Country Style as our hostess, Sarah invites us to her Fall in Love Linky Party.  I'm sure you'll be inspired to begin some Fall decorating after visiting with Sarah and her guests! A simple thanks to our hostess is greatly appreciated!
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