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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday @ Studio One!

Our Church is hosting a reception in honor of one of our Chancel Choir members. Our member is moving and therefore will no longer be attending Choir practice on Wednesday evenings.

So~o~o. . . my dear friend( and Choir member) sent me an e~mail asking if I would make one of my Handmade Cards with a Vintage Flair for the honoree.

The only thing my friend ask for was that I include the phrase. . . "those who sing pray twice".

Many times when others admire my art, they want to know:
* What do you use to make your cards?
* Where do you get all the embellishments?
* How long does it take?

I only use the finest scrap booking archival acid and lignin~free papers I can find. I prefer those that best depict Victorian era wallpapers.

Choosing a floral print ~ roses are my preferred floral paper ~ and a complimentary more subtle print for a background gives the designer more flexibility. Too many patterns can be distracting from the overall appearance of the hand made card.

I purchased quality, economically priced, blank cards and envelopes in ivory. The yellowish hue appeals to the vintage appearance.

Once the background has been glued to the face of the ivory card, I then ink the edges. This instantly ages the appearance bringing about that Vintage Flair!

Using scrap pieces of the papers ~ I hand cut each piece to make the embellishments!

These little sharp scissors are the backbone of my designing!

Here you can begin to see the makings of cut~by~hand embellishments.

Let the designing begin!

Once the embellishments have been cut ~ by ~ hand, they are laid atop the face of the card to begin the outward appearance.

More than ample pieces are cut to ensure that once the design is put into place, the process doesn't have to start and stop, extending the length of time for the entire process. 

All the pieces tediously  cut ~ by ~ hand and laid on paper for the inking process.

Resting side ~ by  ~side, the embellishment on the left has been inked for aging.

All embellishments inked and drying before assemblage.
 While allowing the ink to dry, I print the text of the Handmade Card with a Vintage Flair. Every time I attempted to take a Calligraphy course, due to lack of enrollment, the class was canceled. Perhaps one day the opportunity will arise, until then, I use fonts from my computer.

The text in place using foam dots for three~dimensional affect, the embellishments are added layer ~ upon ~layer. Both side frames and one rose embellishment have been applied.

Layering atop of the left side frame and the already strategically placed rose, a rose cluster is adhered with more foam dots for greater dimension.

The completed face. . .with a total of seven hand cut embellishments!

This process is repeated on the right side of the inside of the card. 

Again, embellishments are added until the desired design satisfies the eye of the beholder.

The left bank of embellishments are usually more weighted in vintage design.

When looking for vintage papers, I try always to include designs with birds!

A completed right facing vintage design!
Now that the card is finished. . .it is placed on an easel for the completion of the drying process. I suggest a minimum of eight hours for all adhesives to dry thoroughly.

On to the envelope!

At Studio One the envelope must posses the same Handmade Card with a Vintage Flair appearance!

Most always, I use the same background on the outside of the envelope; however for this particular card and its recipient, I felt it would be too distracting.

The inside of the envelope receives as much attention to detail as the outside.

Several embellishments are added to the upper half of the interior of the envelope.

Care must be taken when placing the card inside the envelope!

The final answer. . . each Handmade Card with a Vintage Flair can take from four ~ to ~ six or more hours! Each handmade card @ Studio One is truly, a labor of love. More than a hobby. . .it is my passion!

I'm thrilled to have my friend ask me to make this Handmade Card with a Vintage Flair. . .for it is I, who am honored!

Until next time. . .


Babs said...

The card is gorgeous and a labor of love. What a treasure and a special remembrance for the choir member. Thanks for sharing how you made it.
Happy Sunday.

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Pat, It is gorgeous, you are such an amazing lady with just as many gorgeous layers as your handmade card...I envy your patience and vision to create such loveliness.
Blessings Kelsie

Martha said...

You are so creative -- that card is beautiful! Thanks for the detailed instructions . . . I will save them . . . but . . .

podso said...

Beautiful card, and thanks for showing all the details of your labor of love!

Mary Ann said...

As a former scrapbooker, I can appreciate the wonderful care you took with this beautiful card! Brava!

labbie1 said...

Oh gracious! That is beautiful! No! Splendid! A piece of ART! You are truly talented!

And NO word verification! THANKS!!!!!


How beautiful! You're so talented sweet Kansas lady and thank you for the tutorial, I'd love to try making one! Yeah, my grandgirls love Dorothy and when I tell them that the star would be their great-gradmother's, (my mom) age, they're so stunned! Cayetana has the shoes too, she's such a show girl it kills me, lol!
Thank you for your lovely visit. Hugs,

Linda said...

The card is so beautiful. I admire your talent for creating such lovely cards.

Jo's This and That said...

Beautiful work of art! tHANKS FOR SHARING jOANN

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Pat! Thank you so much for your visit! The chair slips are very easy and if I can make them, anyone can. : )

This card is beautiful! I was reading through every step you do to make such a lovely card. The envelope is the finishing touch! I love that you pay such careful attention to it, too, and the inside flap. I love to see things like that.