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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

House Painting. . .Day 1!

When we arrived On Crooked Creek. . .our home was painted blue with black shutters and a huge black  E  between the front door and the entry windows. The blue had faded terribly! The black shutters had a few broken boards and the  E  was embedded into the wood!

High priority on  "Mr.Ed's" long 'to~do' list was painting the exterior of our home.

So~o~o. . .we walked around the cul~de~sac trying to decide on a shade that would bring our home harmoniously into the neighborhood! We chose Thyme (green)! Being a herb gardener, I adored the name. . .and this hue blended well with the natural stone work on the front.

When the shutters came down, I begged NOT to have them return. "Mr. Ed" and our son, built wider frames for the windows. Windows and trim painted Almond Paste added a lightness to our home that had been missing for many years!

Then came the upgrades. . .

First. . .it was new garage doors!
I must admit...they were a HUGE improvement!

After the replacement of the sewer line from the house to the main, our son designed and built (with "Mr. Ed's" help) a new deck On Crooked Creek! I adore having morning coffee, evening tea and weekend breakfast on our deck!!!

On Crooked Creek, as is with life. . .sometimes a storm comes along. . .and then there's a new roof!

This Spring we toured the Parade of Homes. NO ~ we're not moving! We knew it was, once again, time to update the exterior of our home and wanted to see the new hues in homes!

Taking the roof shingle shades, the natural stone hue and an updating in home exterior finishes in our town. . .we came home with two new color samples!
 The hue on the left is Fudgecicle. . . the hue on the right is Mark Twain House Bark.

The shade above is Mark Twain House Bark. . .the shade below is Fudgecicle!
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Oh, yes!!!
A decision has been made!
"Mr. Ed" has already begun and the results, thus far, are making us both smile!!!

You're going like the way it looks!!!

Until next time. . .

Just a note:

Being 'goal oriented' we've given ourselves 30 days to finish! Our progress will be posted on my FaceBook page!
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