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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Changing of the Hues!

With all the exterior painting that is taking place On Crooked Creek.. .it was definitely time for the changing of the Hues!

While I adored the pink tulips that previously were placed in my flat door basket, they left something to be desired with the exterior hue of Mark Twain House Bark!

So~o~o. . .while "Mr. Ed" was busily painting away on the house. . . I did a make~over of the front porch decor!

Beginning with my flat door basket, I chose faux Shasta daisies, similar to those grown in the garden On Crooked Creek! I tucked in some snowballs, a few bits of greenery and added one of my signature bows!

A much needed change for this painless window frame On Crooked Creek!

Next came the three ~ tiered, wrought iron, corner plant stand.

I left the decor untouched on the middle shelf. This is one of the first birdhouses made by my dad when "Mr.Ed" and I purchased our second home in South East Kansas. I adore the authenticity of this faux birds nest!

This pot of soft, buttery hued, faux marigolds sits at the top of the shelf!

On the bottom shelf is a pot of soft, buttery hued, faux primrose paired with a concrete white rabbit from my beloved MoMa's garden!

The three~tiered, wrought iron, corner shelf in its entirety. Such subtle changes make a huge impact! I am so lovin' that soft, buttery yellow hue this Spring!

At the base of the corner shelf sits a primitive, green wooden box. Filled with another pair of hares On Crooked Creek!

As my 'bunny love' affair continues, I am so smitten with this little cutie! That terra cotta chip in his ear makes my heart swoon!

His adorable mate has chips of terra cotta on her back side! To accentuate the pair, I placed chippy white pots of faux snowballs as a backdrop.

Placed near the entry On Crooked Creek, these are well protected from extreme weather under the covered portion of the porch.

A much welcome Changing of the Hues On Crooked Creek!

Until next time. . .
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