The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bits 'n Pieces. . .

Our Annual Trout Fishing Trip to Bennett Spring State Park was truly a much needed retreat for both "Mr. Ed" and I! As always, "Mr. Ed" returned home with his fulfilment of Trout Fishing and his limit of Trout!!!

My time of mediation, seeking guidance and direction for the coming year has been answered with a very clear w a i t ! I, truly, am filled with anticipation as I watch the unveiling of His plan in my life!

Autumns Arrival begins the preparation for family gatherings and the onset of holiday hosting. A traditional part of preparation, On Crooked Creek, is to make any furniture re~arranging or re~grouping changes. Many times, this is summed up in one word. . . editing! In the past, to aid in editing, "Mr. Ed" and I have held Garage $ales and Tag $ales. However; this year, On Crooked Creek, will join the 18th Annual Unique Antique Fall Market!

"Bits 'n Pieces", the name chosen for our newest combined venture will showcase "Mr. Ed's" handiwork. Since his retirement, "Mr. Ed" has been busily making a variety of carpentry items using drill bits and pieces of materials into useful and decorative home decor display items.

My creative medium of choice is still largely using decorative scrapbooking papers. My direction has taken a slightly different approach from creating handmade greeting cards to preserving vintage pieces into creations to be artfully displayed.

Throughout the Land of Blog, you dear ladies have been encouraging me to become re~acquainted with my sewing machine. Although I still "greatly dislike" sewing, I have found using fabric has opened a new creative outlet for designing decor and gifts.

"Mr. Ed" and I have no idea where this adventure may lead, but the journey is one we are enjoying together. On Crooked Creek has certainly been a flurry of activity as we strive to have ample creations for our "Bits 'n Pieces" booth @ Unique Antique Fall Market.

As more items near completion, I'll be updating and posting for your viewing pleasures! Those of you who are local followers On Crooked Creek, I invite you to come experience the journey along with "Mr. Ed" and I. We hope you'll visit "Bits 'n Pieces" !

Until next time. . .
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