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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trimming The Tree. . .

You read the title correctly, dear ones,
On Crooked Creek is "trimming the tree", literally!

While I agree, that when we host
Christmas On Crooked Creek
I get as early a start as possible.
 This "project" began shortly after our return
from Unique Antique Market!

You see, all but one Christmas Tree is stored under
the lower level staircase. When we returned the folding tables,
there was no space for the Summer fans. . .
unless we brought the Christmas Trees out!!!

Once they are out. . .
On Crooked Creek. . .
there's no turning back!

While vacationing on our Annual Trout Fishing Trip
to Bennett Spring State Park, I began some serious planning
for this years Holiday season. My inspiration came from
Romantic Country's Winter 2012  Magazine.

The article style in a twinkle,
shows a table top faux tree trick
using a lightweight tree in an urn.

Using a 3 ~ foot inexpensive tree,
I began "trimming the tree"!!!

First I shaped the branches by separating with my hands.
The first 3 rows did very well, I might add!!!

However, where the tree branches are fuller
I ran into more difficulty as I tried to shape the tree.

Although the tree is taking shape,
I knew if I was to achieve the desired results. . .
trimming was in order.

Much easier than I had imagined,
I use hand held wire cutters to trim (cut off) the branches.

Down to the last row of branches
and I am quite pleased with the results!!!
"Mr. Ed" stated, "That looks cute, I like it!"

Just a few more snips and our "trimming" will be complete!!!

I am quite smitten with our "trimmed"tree!!!

While the actual trimmings,
the decor chosen for this tree, are still weeks away
the urn and table are already lined up and waiting!

Style in a twinkle,
for Christmas On Crooked Creek!!!

Until next time. . .
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