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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Do YOU Spell Success???

What an a m a z i n g $ale @ Unique Antique
for Bits 'n Pieces debut!!!

"Mr. Ed" had a little boy stop at our booth during set~up!
"Look, Mommie...ROBOTS"!!! Too cute!

That grin on "Mr. Ed's" face speaks volumes!!!
His tin men, "Oz" and "Gunsmoke",
displayed with his handmade tool boxes and wooden crates.

Sewing machine cabinet, a few Samsonite suitcases
and the "Little Miss Muffet" stool
were displayed at the back of our booth.

Antique occasional tables
and the remainder of our suitcase collection.

"Mr. Ed's" Tin Men display !!!

The right side front of our booth.

Once the Christmas Tree was brought in,
I moved the suitcase display to fill the void
on the end of the park bench and keep the area light!

The left side front of our booth.
This is the view that most people saw as they entered
our booth from the entrance of the building!

Display of the antique Tea Cart and Dumb Waiter!

So~o~o. . .
how do YOU spell s u c c e s s ???
* Is it in the total amount of $ale$ at the end of the day?
* Is it in the lesser amount of items
   you have to re~load to take home?
* Is it by the amount of thrilled customers who leave your booth?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above,
then you know that "Mr. Ed" and I
* had $ale$ that exceeded our expectations!
* easily re~loaded the car and truck!
* and met some of the nicest customers
   throughout the entire day!

Bits 'n Pieces debut was a h u g e  s u c c e s s !!!

Thank you to all who came and made purchases,
complimented "Mr. Ed" and I on our booth
and made our debut a memorable experience!!!

The next Unique Antique will be in the Spring of 2013!
Will Bits 'n Pieces be a vendor @ the Spring Market???
Time will tell!

Until next time. . .

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