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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Night OR Day ? ? ?

Here On Crooked Creek
by NIGHT or by DAY,
I'm adjusting to the subtle changes in the Master Bedroom! ! !

Changes in placement of our bed by NIGHT !

Changes in placement of our bed by DAY !

I do apologize for the "petticoat" effect under the coverlet.
Today I received a shipping confirmation that the new bedding had been shipped ! ! ! It is our hope that the
Ralph Lauren Marrakesh Quilted Coverlet
will provide a more masculine appeal to our Master Bedroom.

Artwork newly re~arranged on either side
of our Triple Cherry Dresser !

"Mr. Ed"and I opted that it was time
to place our Precious Moments figurines in another location.
In the continuation of a more streamlined decor,
we hung the framed rose prints on either side of our
Triple Cherry Dresser.

Roses and Peonies
for "Mr. Ed's" side. . .

Carnations and Roses
for Pat's side !

Although I adored the scrunching of the fabric on the damask runner, I felt the fabric a bit dark and formal.
Fresh light sage linen with vintage lace  is quite refreshing
in our Master Bedroom decor.



 Hers !

Each of these cherub planters
holds a "precious meaning" for "Mr. Ed" and I.

"Mr. Ed" had a dozen red roses
delivered to my hospital room
the morning after giving birth to our son !

My dear friend, Cheryl,
brought this filled with bath luxuries
after a most difficult time in my  life.

Adding a burgundy hued clock to the dresser
seemed to fill the void behind the tray,
giving a cohesiveness to the dresser top.

Moving around to the other side of the room,
I uncluttered the top of my Cherry Jewelry Chest.
Although I kept the lamp from my beloved Grandmother,
I only returned my "Precious Moments Bible"
and brought in the Madonna.


Above the Cherry Jewelry Chest
hangs an oil of "Mr. Ed" and I
days before he left for the U. S.Army 1970.

Brought in from other areas of our home,
we chose to use our rubbed brass chain reading
and torchier lamps on the side tables.

"Mr. Ed's reading lamp.

By re~positioning the bed,
our sleep has greatly improved! ! !

So~o~o. . .
by NIGHT or by DAY
the changes to On Crooked Creek's
Master Bedroom have been beneficial to both "Mr. Ed" and I ! ! !

Until next time. . .

To see the before photos, you can click on the link to
Sources of Inspiration. . .  here:

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