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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sources of Inspiration. . .

Isn't it amazing where we find our
Sources of Inspiration? ? ?

Ralph Lauren Fragrances ~
Safari Bath Pearls Cosmetic Jar 1989.

While out on a recent Antique and Flea Market extravaganza,
I found this tortoise cosmetic jar set at Garage $ale prices! ! !

"Mr. Ed" and I have been discussing updating our Master Bedroom
On Crooked Creek since the new carpeting was laid last October.
Currently, we have solid cherry four ~poster Queen Anne bed
adorned with Cheri Blum Antique Rose Collection.

While the hopeless romantic in me loves everything roses and vintage, we are beginning to streamline our decor.
I adore this Antique Rose Quilt with its soft roses set in alternating rows of Irish chain quilting!

While I have already eliminated numerous amounts of rose florals, my desire is to bring in a few more masculine elements to the Master Bedroom. The tortoise lid is my source of inspiration for toning down the feminine and bringing in the masculine!

"Mr. Ed" and I have been shopping for new bedding on many occasions and have still come up "empty handed".
Frustrated at my local and vacation options, I have now turned to the Internet. Wish me luck, ladies! ! !

We are both in agreement to keep the same 
Touch of Romance Collection @ Lowe's ~
Smoky Slate for the wall color.
It's soothing hue literally lulls one to sleep.


Although other bedding updates will be forthcoming, both the draperies and the coverlet will remain in the Master Bedroom. New drapery hardware has been purchased and will be installed as soon as "Mr. Ed" completes the much needed painting! ! !

In keeping with those more masculine elements to our decor, shopping the house On Crooked Creek has left "Mr. Ed" and I with a couple of alternative lighting options.


"Mr. Ed's" more masculine side of our shared dresser.

Pat's more feminine side of our shared dresser.

Above, you can see where I've been experimenting with some dresser top vignettes. While I feel the brocade dresser scarf is a bit formal and heavy, I do like the scrunching of the fabric.


Artwork arrangements and furniture arrangements have been discussed; however, On Crooked Creek's 1970's Ranch Style  Master Bedroom doesn't allow for much variance in the floor plan. Our design challenges sometimes give us our greatest designs.

A Ralph Lauren tortoise cosmetic jar set is our source of inspiration for On Crooked Creek's Master Bedroom update. "Mr. Ed" and I hope you'll return soon for the more masculine and streamlined reveal.

Until next time. . .
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