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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Storage Solutions. . .

Having recently attended a Christmas Open House,
I was astounded at the increase in prices
of faux greenery and florals! ! !

Top of Entertainment Center Christmas 2011!

Most of my past faux greenery
was purchased when employed at a local
Antique and Home Decor Shop.
Not only did we carry the finest brands,
but I received a generous employee discount!!!

Dining Room Wall Pocket Christmas 2011!

When you factor in my allergies
to all evergreens. . .
allergies + discount =
 l o t s of faux greenery On Crooked Creek! ! !

Front Porch Wreath Christmas 2011!

Arriving home,
I shared with "Mr. Ed" my two faux greenery purchases.
He was even more shocked at the retail price than I!

Needing a better solution for storing my long stem fauxs,
I ask "Mr. Ed" to design and make a Storage Solution!

"Mr. Ed's" Storage Solution Design!!!

After he received my approval of his design,
he was off to the garage to tackle the task at hand.
Ladies, I'm telling you, "The man can build a n y t h i n g"! ! !

Eight Divided Sections for Long~Stem Faux Florals!

A fresh coat of Paperwhite paint
keeps it light and bright
tying this Storage Solution into the existing decor.

Once the paint dried,
I began filling each divider with long florals!

First, those from Spring. . .

then, those from Summer. . .

add white peonies and some icy branches for Winter. . .

now I have "the perfect" Storage Solution
for my long faux floral stems!!!

Dining Room Half~Basket with Fall Hydrangeas!

Having this storage solution
to elevate and preserve my faux florals,
On Crooked Creek ~ hopefully ~  
will lower the necessity to make frequent purchases.

Until next time. . .

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podso said...

Great idea, Pat and good creativity and work by your hubby!

Designs By Pinky said...

OMGoodness, this is EXACTLY what I need too, except I need about 10of them:):) I am going to show this to Joe! he, too, can build anything!!!! Aren't we lucky!!!!!!? XO, Pinky

Martha said...

How clever -- and a great space saving way to store those things and they don't get crushed.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Clever is right!!
I know what you mean about faux greens ~ I actually have a large collection of them most were my Mom's. They just don't make them like they used to!