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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flocking The Tree . . .

What's one to do when it's 80 degrees On Crooked Creek ? ? ?
Why. . .flock the Christmas Tree...of course! ! !

You may remember when "Mr. Ed" and I returned
from our Bits ' Pieces booth
that I trimmed the 3 foot artificial Christmas Tree?

Although I liked it's size. . .

I was never especially fond of its shape!

Since I'd had the tree f o r e v e r. . .
and hadn't paid much for it,
I figure little would be lost if I ruined it! ! !

To view Trimming The Tree" in its entirety click the following link!

After "Mr. Ed" helped trim the Styrofoam to fit in the concrete urn, I began the process of transforming this Christmas Tree into an updated version of one I'd seen earlier in Romantic Country December 2012 Magazine!

Armed with my first can of spray flocking,
I was a "Woman On A Mission"! ! !

Good thing I purchased 2 cans...
this one isn't coming out anymore!

Much better!
Nearing the finish mark!!!

LOOK. . .
I made it SNOW! ! !
Just putting the finishing touches on the top!

On the next to the top layer,
I did have to open can #2 to complete the tree.
But @ $1.50 a can, I wasn't discouraged one bit !

The hardest part for me. . .
waiting the recommended 2 hours for the flocking to dry! ! !

One last look for any missed places.

I'm thrilled with the transformation!
"Mr. Ed" asked, "Where are you going to put that?"
I'll give you one guess! ! !

Until next time. . .
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