The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Decorating The Tree. . .

Whew ! ! !
. . . at last . . . it's finished ! ! !

All done up in creamy ivory and gold. . .
           and On Crooked Creek. . .
                                             I'm  l o v i n '  it ! ! !

This amazing powerhouse of a Christmas Tree
began as a bargain buy for $9.99 !
After an experimental Trimming The Tree,
I then began Flocking The Tree,
followed by Decorating The Tree,
with fabulous results ! ! !

I adore having my flocked Christmas Tree
sitting in the vintage concrete planter
that belonged to my MoMa!

Perhaps, sometime in the future
I'll be able to find an Angel tree topper to replace the Snowflakes.

After bringing the flocked tree into our home office,
I added 100 mini lights
and then began the tedious process
of ribbing the creamy ivory ribbon.

Mary Carol miniature plates
were tied to the branches with gold satin ribbon.

Next came the larger convex tree and wreath ornaments.

These were followed by the golden spiral glitter ornaments.

Finally, I finished off the decorations
with the creamy ivory and golden icicles.

This is my view, On Crooked Creek,
from our home office desk.

The Coffee Kiss paint compliments the
creamy ivory and golden hues of the ornaments quite nicely !
This is the view as you enter the home office
from the East Wing hallway !

I adore how the mood changes with the evening light.
Don't you ? ? ?

So~o~o . . .
here's a recap of Trimming the Tree. . .

to Flocking The Tree. . .

to  the finished Decorating The Tree ! ! !

Christmas  On Crooked Creek
                                           is definitely shaping up nicely ! ! !

Until next time. . .

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