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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

German Chocolate Cake. . .

Following Thanksgiving. . .
                                                 is "Mr. Ed's" Birthday ! ! !

"Mr. Ed's" favorite cake is . . .
German Chocolate Cake !
Baking a cake sounds simple enough, right ? ? ?

W R O N G ! ! !
You see, ladies,
Home Economics was my WORST subject in School!
I'm the P I E  B A K E R in our family ! ! !
Many years, I've baked "Mr. Ed" a Pecan Pie (his other favorite)
for his birthday. . .the last time I made him a
GermanChocolate Cake for his birthday. . .
it looked like it had a H U G E tumor on one side !
This year, I was determined to try, try again !
I found the idea for this double frosting
German Chocolate Cake
in a back issue of Paula Deen's Magazine.
I used a boxed cake mix,
a container of milk chocolate frosting,
a container of German Chocolate Frosting
and Pecan halves !
Instead of following her reciepe. . .
I follwed her decorating of the German Chocolate Cake ! ! !
First, I filled 6 cupcakes in a muffin pan !
Then I filled the cake pans !
*** The results. . .no tumor appearance
from over~filled cake pans ! ! ! ***
"Mr. Ed" giggled and smiled
when he saw these little individual cupcakes!

Each of these cupcakes
were individually iced, then sprinkled with pecans on top.
On Crooked Creek. . .
                                         that smile is  p r i c e l e s s  to me ! ! !
Until next time. . .

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