The simple pleasures of home shine brighter
when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trimming The Tree. . .

You read the title correctly, dear ones,
On Crooked Creek is "trimming the tree", literally!

While I agree, that when we host
Christmas On Crooked Creek
I get as early a start as possible.
 This "project" began shortly after our return
from Unique Antique Market!

You see, all but one Christmas Tree is stored under
the lower level staircase. When we returned the folding tables,
there was no space for the Summer fans. . .
unless we brought the Christmas Trees out!!!

Once they are out. . .
On Crooked Creek. . .
there's no turning back!

While vacationing on our Annual Trout Fishing Trip
to Bennett Spring State Park, I began some serious planning
for this years Holiday season. My inspiration came from
Romantic Country's Winter 2012  Magazine.

The article style in a twinkle,
shows a table top faux tree trick
using a lightweight tree in an urn.

Using a 3 ~ foot inexpensive tree,
I began "trimming the tree"!!!

First I shaped the branches by separating with my hands.
The first 3 rows did very well, I might add!!!

However, where the tree branches are fuller
I ran into more difficulty as I tried to shape the tree.

Although the tree is taking shape,
I knew if I was to achieve the desired results. . .
trimming was in order.

Much easier than I had imagined,
I use hand held wire cutters to trim (cut off) the branches.

Down to the last row of branches
and I am quite pleased with the results!!!
"Mr. Ed" stated, "That looks cute, I like it!"

Just a few more snips and our "trimming" will be complete!!!

I am quite smitten with our "trimmed"tree!!!

While the actual trimmings,
the decor chosen for this tree, are still weeks away
the urn and table are already lined up and waiting!

Style in a twinkle,
for Christmas On Crooked Creek!!!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Aftermath!

***** Disclaimer. . .the title of this post was chosen long before the onset of Hurricane Sandy and is no way downplaying the seriousness of Sandy's wrath on family and friends on the East Coast!!! *****

Now that the debut of Bits 'n Pieces  has commenced. . .
the aftermath has hit!

Although most of the furniture pieces sold,
"Mr. Ed" and I must find new spaces On Crooked Creek 
for those that returned home with us.

Needed for Christmas Tree display!

Currently in the Guest Room. . .

I found it amazingly quaint
that the items I didn't want to $ell. . .didn't.

A cabinet for storing MY sewing machine!!!


Sentimental memories of my Grandmother.

Since I retired, I've been toying with the idea for an updating @ Studio One. With the addition of  vacated space, several unique ideas for the transformation are now a real possibility!

Upper portion of cabinet no longer exsists.

I've task "Mr. Ed" with a few projects to help move the make~over along.

First, I had him paint the insides of my workbench storage cabinets.

Now, he's in the process of drawing up a design
for storing my off~ season florals that fill my half ~ round basket.

So~o~o. . .
while he's measuring and sawing in the garage. . .
I filled and re~organized the cabinets! ! !

From left ~ to ~ right. . .

and top ~ to ~ bottom
Studio One cabinets neatly organized
with only those items essential to creativity On Crooked Creek! ! !

Now that I've re~arranged the design space @ Studio One,
I desire a more streamlined look.

Instead of filling the upper cabinet with reference
materials, I chose to add some inspiring vignettes.

I removed all the bright pink florals
and kept a more neutral and soothing accessory decor.


There are no windows in Studio One
as it is in the unfinished portion of the lower level.
I adore the unfinished cement hued walls!!!
But, alas, I had a spacious amount of bare wall. . .
so~o~o. . .

"Mr. Ed" carried the painless window downstairs
and hug it over my antique cherry desk!
I adorned the window with a vintage lace curtain!

I'm thrilled at the changes that are taking place
in Studio One. However, editing years of collected home decor
is certainly slowing the pace.

If only I were "as quick as a bunny"
you'd be able to see all of the desired changes for Studio One!

"Mr. Ed" has already completed the final cuts
to the lumber for my floral storage unit. . .
so~o~o. . .
I had better "hop to it" and complete the
re~arrange and organization!

I do hope you'll come back soon
and follow the continued progress @ Studio One!!!

Until next time. . .

Monday, October 29, 2012

WHO Knew???

Ah~h~h. . .
the cool, breezy Autumn air has come to stay!

Pumpkins of every hue and shape
are appearing throughout the neighborhood.
This unique sage green pumpkin
greets visitors On Crooked Creek's porch!

Soon. . .
very soon. . .
it will be time to place the bowl of candy
for the neighborhood children by the front door.

Although On Crooked Creek doesn't celebrate Halloween,
I did decorate this Witches Hat for our Bits 'n Pieces booth.

Teaming it up with some cute faux pumpkins
 topped with vintage doilies,
I placed the hat on the seat of our sons childhood bicycle.

Pumpkins atop some adorable spiderweb napkins
add to the "homeyness" for our guest rider!

Angled with a prestigious space at the entrance to our booth!

But. . .
the minute I turned my back. . .

The Witch was a f l i g h t  r i s k ~
WHO knew???

Until next time. . .

Thursday, October 25, 2012

FALL Programming???

To say that "Mr. Ed" and I have been a mite disappointed in the television FALL Programming would be an understatement. To top it off, our local cable channel has now changed the TV Guide, as well! Annoying to set and continually flip through the channels, I have resorted to reading through the evening hours!

So~o~o. . .
that being said,
I watch the Entertainment Center more than view the television.

This past week,
On Crooked Creek, we changed the FALL Programming
to a Nature inspired look using deer sheds and pine cones!!!

"Mr. Ed" was all to obliging
to bring the box of deer sheds from the lower living area
to our Living Room for selection!

Camouflaged discretely behind the gilded birds
is a full fledged deer rack!
"Mr. Ed's" 2009 trophy!

As you can see,
we tucked them beneath the magnolia leaves,
then nestled pine cones around for a natural effect.

Nature subtly defined atop the Entertainment Center.

the most challenging space. . .
those stereo speakers!!!

With a change in strategy,
this time I placed faux magnolia greenery swags top each speaker.

I adore my glass, crackle pumpkins!!!
Their texture and hue were the main element
in this open shelf vignette!

Adding the concrete planter,
filled with pine cones,
brought in the rustic natural elements.

A drought ridden Summer
has left the Prairie's Autumnal hues somewhat soft and subdued.
I chose decor elements with those same hues to fill the cabinets.

The bottom shelf of this cabinet
holds "Mr. Ed's" newest squirrel figurine from our
Annual Trout Fishing Trip.

This sweetie appears to be overwhelmed with JOY
as he scurries to take his bounty home!

Pumpkins and a Sunflower cloche
fill the opposite side of the Entertainment Center.

I kept the open shelving at the bottom
free of books. Placing, instead, my green pottery jars
and one of "Mr. Ed's" deer sheds for his viewing pleasure!

The opposite side holds another furry creature find
from this Fall. Placed atop a creamy ivory leaf plate
he, too, is overJOYed with his bountiful find!

Regardless of the FALL Programming,
On Crooked Creek's Entertainment Center
will provide Nature inspired views for our pleasure!!!

Until next time. . .