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when the spirit of God intertwines our hearts
with His gentle Joy.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Front Porch Pottings. . .

At last,
our Winter has come and gone!!!

So~o~o. . .
"Mr. Ed" and I took advantage of the nearly 70 degree weather
and went potted plant shopping for the front porch!

A "New Look" Dusty Miller with silvery white leaves 
combined with a "Super Cascade Blue" Petunia 
with deep green leaves and dark purple flowers 
fill the top of a two~tier wrought iron vintage planter.

Froggy stands watch over the empty bottom planter
as we anxiously await for a new shipment of Sweet Potato Vines.

Moving around to the entrance of the front porch
we have placed our three~tier corner shelving unit.

Last February, while updating the decor in Studio One,
I painted these rose motif  brass fronts
on my galvanized planters a soft Versatile Gray.

One nice thing about paint. . .
if you're not satisfied with the results,
you can paint over it!

I much prefer the creamy ivory PaperWhite 
painted atop the Versatile Gray using a dry brush technique!

The smaller of the three galvanized pots 
is the perfect size to hold these abundant fragrant masses 
of "Wonderland Purple" Alyssum 
combined with "Silver falls" Dichondra.
Vigorous, fan~shaped silvery leaves exhibit cascading growth.

Directly beneath is a larger galvanized pot containing 
Gold Leaf Tansy "Isla Gold" Tanacetum. 
Yellow button flowers appear in the Summer
 from the golden foliage resembling fern leaves.

Silver and gold foliage ~
purple and yellow flowers ~
I'm swooning just thinking of the sight that will welcome guests
as they arrive On Crooked Creek!

The final galvanized planter 
holds a perennial "Indian Feather" Rosy Jane.
Soft white blossoms with an edging of fuchsia 
should bloom all Summer.

The sun turned to cloudy skies late this afternoon
here On Crooked Creek, and yes. . .rain is in the forecast.
However, the nighttime temperatures 
are not predicted to drop to freezing.

Front Porch Pottings are making a pleasing entrance
to our home On Crooked Creek. . .at last!!!

Until next time. . .
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