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Friday, April 19, 2013

Lil' Red Wagon. . .

Riding up the road. . .
                                       and down the hill. . .
in my lil' red wagon are some of my fondest childhood memories!

Our son, 
who turns 40 on Wednesday,
enjoyed being pulled all around the block in his lil' red wagon!!!

But, alas. . .
there are to be no grandchildren On Crooked Creek!

I decided it was time for a make~over of his lil' red wagon!!!

"Mr. Ed" said, "Do whatever you want"!
Of course, he knew that would mean he'd have to help!

Once he took apart lil' red wagon, 
"Mr. Ed" agreed to paint the white parts black.
Two coats of Rust~Oleum Flat Black 
covered all the pieces quite nicely!

I, also, had him drill two extra holes 
into the bottom of the lil' red wagon to allow water to drain.

Due to the extreme amount of rust,
I used Rust~Oleum Gray Primer 
to paint the body of the lil' red wagon.

Followed by two coats 
of my favorite Sherwin~Williams PaperWhite paint!

"Mr. Ed" painted the detailed white walls! :)

From Lil' Red Wagon . . .

                                          . . .to Shabby Chic Wagon!

Perhaps there's another 40 years of life in this lil' wagon!!!

Until next time. . . .

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